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Aggression frequency /AFq/ is used in Poker Tracker and is calculated as (total bet + total raise) / (total bet + total raise + total call + total fold) * 100, the idea being to include all possible actions in the divisor of the equation What is Aggression Factor (AF) If you look at what aggression factor is in PokerTracker you'll see that it's: (Raise % + Bet %) —————— (Call %) It's the ratio of the amount of time that a player is aggressive vs. the amount of time that he's passive. It's a pretty simple concept but it's easy to misunderstand and misapply This article is for those poker players who are thinking of using HUD software or already using one. If you are a casual poker player who wants to upgrade your skill, we advice you to continue reading to learn about an important poker statistics - The Aggression Factor in Poker.. Aggression Factor HUD stats is one of the most important statistics that you should incorporate in your HUD Poker Statistics: Aggression Factor (AF) The Aggression factor is to be defined as a ratio of the number of the post- flop actions such as bets and raises to the number of calls. Bear in mind that checks and folds are not be taken into account Aggression Factor (AF) only takes calls as the passive denominator. It does not take into account checks and folds, therefore an opponent who checks and folds frequently could be extremely passive, but still have a high aggression factor. What it really does is measure how much this player likes to call

FL 6max ist so 2 bis 2.5 normal, darüber zu aggressiv, darunter zu passiv. Aggression Frequency ist im übrigen ein geeigneterer Wert, um Aggression zu messen, da unabhängig von WTS und VPIP A measure of how aggressive or passive the player is on a particular street. And the Aggression Frequency (AFq) is: The measure of how frequently the player made aggressive actions preflop or on the flop, turn or river

Der Aggression-Factor bei PokerTracker ergibt sich aus folgender Gleichung: AF = (Bets + Raises) / Calls Der Aggression-Factor ist nur für die Aggression Post-Flop zuständig (daher immer Häkchen bei PokerTracker > General Info > More Details > ohne Pre-Flop machen) Agression factor = (nombre de mises + nombre de relances) / (nombre de calls) Donc 3.3 =33% c'est bien ça. En fait plus vilain à un AF élevé et plus il est agressif Second, Aggression Frequency (or Aggression, if you don't agree with my opinion above!) is the most useful statistic for measuring an opponent's post-flop play. Yes, it will take a while to converge, because it only measures the times an opponent sees the flop. But you'll get meaningful data more quickly for Aggression/Aggression Frequency than any other post-flop statistic Der Aggression Factor ist ein statistischer Wert, welcher für die Aggressivtät eines Spielers steht. Der Aggression Factor wird durch Division aus der Anzahl aller aggressiven Spielzüge eines Spielers, also der bets und raises geteilt durch die Anzahl aller passiven Spielzüge eines Spielers, also der checks und calls jedoch nicht der folds, ermittelt

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The loose aggressive poker player or the LAG is one of the most feared types of poker players and for the most part they are winning poker players. You will get all different types of LAG's, both.. Take a look at all of the top-earning poker pros in the world. The most common trait among all of these players is their hyper-aggressive style of play. Even the pros who are considered rocks, or tight, are still far more aggressive than the average player. The mistake many beginners make is confusing aggression with looseness. Playing loose, reckless, gambling poker is a sure path to ridiculous swings and, more often than not, substantial losses What is the Aggression Factor? Aggression is a ratio of a player's Raise Percentage , plus Bet Percentage , compared to the Call Percentage. (Raise% + Bet% In poker, aggression is beneficial in many situations. An aggressive player will often perform better than a passive in the long run. This article explains why. Aggression measurement. If you are using a HUD (heads-up display), your aggression factor will be shown in numbers based on your bet and raise action. This is measured in frequency, not on the size of your bets. The aggression factor. What Does It Mean in Poker? Aggression Factor (AF) is a statistic used in online poker database software like PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager, which expresses the ratio of a player's aggressive actions (bets or raises) to their calls. For example, a player with an AF of 3 has bet /raised three times as often as they've called

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  1. Aggression Factor is a very common HUD stat that gives a nice small number to explain just how aggressive an opponent potentially can be in a hand. The simple equation is: [Bets] + [Raises] / [Calls
  2. Aggression factor Number of times the player made a bet or raise, divided by the total number of calls. Fold facing bet Number of times a player folded to a bet or a raise, divided by the total number of situations where the player was facing a bet. SFSB: Saw flop from small blind Number of times the player was in small blind position and was still in the hand on the flop, divided by the total.
  3. Aggression Frequency is a statistic used in online poker database software like PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager, which expresses the percentage of a player's non-checking actions that are aggressive on a given street, or overall.Bets and raises are counted as aggressive actions, while calls and folds are not. The formula to calculate a player's aggression frequency is [(bets + raises.
  4. Powered by three of Poker Pro Labs industry leading software and statistics solutions - Hold'em Profiler, Tournament Shark, and Poker Calculator Pro - Super HUD is the last customizable poker HUD you'll ever need. The edge is clear - are you ready for the Super HUD advantage
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Agression factor = (nombre de mises + nombre de relances) / (nombre de calls) Généralement affiché avec une décimale sur les HUD, il est compris entre 0 (pour un joueur très passif) et 3 ou 4 (pour un joueur très agressif ). C'est une caractéristique très importante à prendre en compte pour comprendre le jeu d'un adversaire Aggression Factor. Stat from a poker HUD (heads up display). It indicates player's overall aggression using several factor. High AF doesn't have to mean that player is super aggressive, however, as it basically only indicates that this player prefers raising over calling. Other Letter A Terms View All. description Aggression factor is calculated (Bet + Raise) / Call, checking or folding has no effect: Flop Agg Factor: Aggression Factor based on the flop only: Turn Agg Factor : Aggression Factor based on the turn only: River Agg Factor: Aggression Factor based on the river only: Agg Pct: Aggression percentage can be anything from 0-100 and is based on an aggressive action on each street. So if I bet the. Definition of Aggression Factor in the poker dictionary. A term you'll find in poker tracking software or heads-up displays (), a player's AF reveals how aggressively he or she is playing based on ratio of aggressive moves (betting or raising) versus calling Cash Game Online Poker Play focusing on Aggression Factor - YouTube

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The Aggression factor used in poker calculator software is a valuable profiling measurement that you can use to strategize against your opponent whether it be high or low. Aggression Factor, or AF, is a actually a ratio, not a percentage which describes the nature of a player's betting tendencies, and it's important to know how the AF is actually determined and what it really means A is for Aggression. The second factor you should use when determining whether to play a hand or not is to ask yourself if it's strong enough to raise with. If the answer is no, then you should slow down and reconsider playing it. Yes, there are definitely times when calling preflop is correct, but this is the exception, not the rule. Winning poker players are aggressive, not passive. Mike. A high AF (Aggression Factor) or AFq (Aggression Frequency) implies that a player's actions are typically more aggressive than passive. AF looks at this in ratio form and compares aggressive actions to passive actions (so an AF of 4 means they essentially take an aggressive action 4 times as often as they take a passive one), and AFq looks at this number through a percentage form. The exact. Live Poker 132 Threads SNGs 135 Threads Open Face Chinese 46 Threads Omaha 8 41 I'm relatively new to using a HUD (I've been using PT4 for a few weeks) and I've only just started using the Aggression Factor stat. I use pre-flop AF and total AF in my HUD. I understand that it is calculated by (total bets + raises)/calls. But there is a player at one of my tables who has a pre-flop AF of 0. Aggression Factor and Aggression Frequency. As a beginner, I always check my aggression stats because everybody says aggression is a way of winning poker (btw sorry for English, I am not good at it), my AF (aggression factor) is approximately 2 and I always try to be more aggressive but I realized my AF is not increasing, that comes to me weird

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Aggression factors: Postflop aggression factors for 6 max play will tend to be higher than for full ring play, but not too much higher. They should also generally decrease by street. Flop aggression will typically be between 2.5 and 3.5. Any higher than 3.5 and you're probably overplaying (looking for autobetting after PFR in bad situations is a good place to start if this describes you) and. AF: Aggression factor. A ratio of how often a player takes an aggressive action vs a passive action. The formula is (bets + raises)/calls. A high number implies most of their actions are aggressive. This book only shows total AF, and not per street AF. AFq: Aggression frequency. This is a percentage of non-checking postflop actions that were. Two Plus Two Poker Forums > General Poker Strategy > Poker Theory: About aggression factor stats. User Name: Remember Me? Password: FAQ: Mark Forums Read: TwoPlusTwo.com: Notices: Poker Theory General poker theory Thread Tools: 01-09-2015, 07:20 PM mikeinthecountry34. banned . Join Date: Feb 2014. Posts: 6 About aggression factor stats. I was reading that a loose aggressive player will. Aggression Factor is another extremely useful poker HUD stat based on the mathematical expression in PokerTracker: ( Total Times Bet + Total Times Raised ) / Total Times Called. Ideal for 6max - 3; Ideal for Full Ring - 3; 4. 3Bet% The percentage of the time that somebody re-raises an opening raise before the flop. This is an extremely crucial. Aggression Factor (AF) - Important when trying to figure out if opponent is bluffing or value betting <2: Tight Player, only bets or raises with strong hands ; 2 - 4: Bets or raises with a balanced range of bluffs and value hands >4: Bets and raises frequently with value hands and bluffs . 4 comments. 0. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Related Articles. January 3, 2021. December 23, 2020.

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Free Poker HUD; Private Training; Customer Support # Expression stats. The difference between expression stats and plain stats is that plain stats can show frequencies only in a specific spots in a hand. Expression stats, for example, Aggression or Went to showdown, don't show frequencies in any specific spot and are calculated based on mathematical expression. You may create expression stats. Poker Advice ; Total Aggression Factor Poker Advice; 0; Followers 0. Total Aggression Factor. Asked by NicholasJ. Answer this question; Ask a question; Question. 0; NicholasJ 0 NicholasJ. Oregon United States 0 0 105 posts; Posted October 16, 2005. What is the ideal TAF?, I know there is some debate on this topic, but I'm sure mine is too high. Where can this stat be found on PT? Im finding. Aggression Factor - This is calculated as the total number of bets and raises you made after the flop, divided by your number of calls. It compares how often you bet and raise, versus how often you just call. The higher the number, the more aggressive you are. The average factor of aggression for winning players in a 9 player game is 2.5 (with a range of 1.7 to 3.5) Da Poker im 19. Jahrhundert in den aggressives und unkonzentriertes Spielen aufgrund der vorherigen Ereignisse. Normalerweise nach einem Bad Beat; Top (pair, set, kicker) Das höchste aller möglichen Paare, Sets oder Kicker. Top (pair, set, kicker) Top Pair mit bestmöglichem Kicker. Liegt auf dem Flop K94, und man hält AK in der Hand, so hat man mit KK Top Pair und dem Ass dazu Top.

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The best poker hud stats are VPIP (voluntarily put in pot), PFR (preflop raise) and AF (aggression factor). Because they tell you what type of player you're playing against over even a small sample size, like 10 hands. Also make sure to include your opponent's fold to cbet stat, fold to turn cbet, their cbet and turn cbet, their 3bet, fold to 3bet and steal percentage どーも!ぶんたです。 今後このブログに出てくるであろうポーカー用語について、 自分自身の備忘録も兼ねて説明するページです。 今回の用語 AF [Aggression Factor] 何なの? ベットとレイズのパーセンテージの合計をコールのパーセンテージで割った指数 レイズ率 + 別途率 ーーーーーーーーー. While being aggressive is more profitable, many players do not understand how to change gears and their aggressive poker play becomes predictable. If you are using your observational skills, this predictability will help you identify patterns and make smart decisions. The Classic TAG and LAG Definitions . While every player is different, there are three main types of aggressive poker players. Aggression factor, on the other hand, is a measure of how aggressive a player is on all streets (although you also can track a player's AF for any given street, as well). It's important to. Postflop Aggression Factor provides a ratio of bets and raises to calls. (It's calculated as [Raise Percentage + Bet Percentage]/Call Percentage). It's more a measure of how rarely someone calls than a way of telling how aggressive someone is overall (because folds are excluded from the equation). But postflop Aggression Frequency, a newer statistic available in PokerAce HUD's layout manager.

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Aggression Frequency is not a very common HUD stat, but one that gives a percentage number to explain just how aggressive an opponent potentially can be in a hand. The equation is: This number is a percentage, and the higher this number is the more your opponent is betting or raising. The more they bet and raise, the higher the number, and thus. Aggression factor. A poker statistic used by some software programs for the card game Texas Hold'em; represents how aggressively a player plays by dividing the number of bets plus raises by the number of calls. Example I can't stand players with really high AF ratings because they're always bluffing. Related Slang . Rake: Poker site commission: WPT: World Poker Tour: WSOP: World Series of. Aggression factor Definition av agression factor. Detta är en mycket vanlig statistik som används i poker trackerss. Det är ett förhållande mellan call:or och raises:or och motståndarens call:or. Om motståndaren till exempel har satsat två gånger, höjt två gånger och spelat calls två gånger, skulle det vara (bet 2 + Raise 2)/call 2 så 4/2 så 2. En aggressionsfaktor på 2 ses.

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The following is a glossary of poker terms used in the card game of poker. aggressive, aggression The tendency for a player to open betting or raise rather than call or check. See main article: aggression. Compare with loose, tight, passive. aggression factor (AF) A measure of a player's aggression, either in a particular betting round or over all betting rounds air A hand that has a very. 一个实际例子:agression factor. 我可以用这个统计数字做什么?当然要做出正确的决定! 我们以河边为例。你刚刚在河牌上完成了顺子,但完成序列的牌也完成了同花。你决定下注你的牌被同花或两对跟注。毕竟,你的手劲很大。在你下注后,你的对手跟注check-raise. - Postflop Aggression Factor = Ratio of Bets + Raises vs calls on postflop streets - Postflop Aggression Percent = Percentage of postflop streets players make aggressive moves Please see this HM1 thread for more info about the differences as HM1 and HM2 use the same formulas for these stats AFAIK - Aggression Frequency / Aggression percentag It's one of the core factors that will separate winning and losing players. Aggressive poker wins. Being aggressive means you are going to win more pots you contest. Whether by winning it uncontested before the flop or after the flop, more pots can be won when you are betting and raising. In the 15 years I've played poker, I've never heard of anyone who wins in the long term adopting a. Aggression factor Début; Précédent; 1; Suivant; Fin; 1; 150cl; Auteur du sujet; Hors Ligne; Serré Plus d'informations. il y a 1 an 1 mois #28866 par 150cl. 150cl a créé le sujet : Aggression factor . Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir s'il est possible avec xeester d'avoir l'agression factor par street (flop,turn,river) en cliquant sur le hud sur l'agression factor comme il est possible de le.

Adelardo: bonjour quand je vais dans le menu 'Analyse', onglet 'Post flop', j'ai pour un échantillon de mains les valeurs suivantes : Aggression factor Moyenne 2.5 Flop 3.3 Turn 2.0 River 1.3 Aggression frequency Moyenne 75% Flop 77% Turn 66% River 57% et si je vais dans le menu 'Débutant' j'ai pour le même échantillon de mains la valeur suivante : Post-Flop Agressivité 1 j'avoue que je n. Famous loose aggressive poker players who have made this style their own include Tom Dwan, Dario Mineiri, It's the number one factor in almost any discussion on poker strategy. Position is key. Have it, and you can act last and gain a massive advantage. When your LAG opponent has it, you're going to find it difficult to fight back. If you have a solid loose aggressive player to your.

Super HUD. The ultimate in poker software is here. Get every bit of gameplay information you'll ever need within a single customizable Heads Up Display - SuperHUD PokerTracker is an online poker software tool to track player statistics with hand history analysis and a real time HUD to display poker player statistics directly on your tables. Supports Mac OS X Pokertracker total aggression factor Pros' nicknames according to chinese poker cards translated by the me to be completed when i overcome the laziness a 聂卫平 nie. Hollywood casino tunica regional event tunica, ms, jan 14, 2014 hollywood casino tunica is pleased to announce the kick off of its regional qualifying hollywood poker open hpo tournament

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r/poker: Shuffle up and deal! Official subreddit for all things poker. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . r/poker. log in sign up. User account menu • infinitive aggression factor in pokertracker. Close • Posted by. u/blackburn44. 24 minutes ago. infinitive aggression factor in pokertracker. what does the infinitive aggression. redvel: I know there may not be a single rule written on stone, but just as a reference, what does the AF practically mean? (I know the theory). E.g. AF: 0.3. Calling station? I should almost 100% fold his raise, right? AF: 1. Now what? He often bets/calls? No check raises, no 3-bet? His bet/call indicates a monster? AF: 3. Bluff at him? I.e. if he either raises, or folds most of the time, so. Poker Strategy With Greg Raymer: Patience Vs. Aggression In Tournaments Raymer Explains What It Takes To Make A Deep Run In A Tournament: by Greg Raymer | Published: Jun 15, 202 AF (Aggression Factor): It measures a player's aggression/passivity, which represents the player's betting tendencies after the flop. SB Calculator provides a combined AF for flop, turn, and river. If a player makes some raises and bets but never calls, the AF will be displayed as Inf, which means infinite Aggressive poker players raise more than call and are not afraid to put chips at risk. By observing your opponents you'll be able to categorize them based on what you see. Each poker player you encounter will have some degree in which these factors make up their personality but you have to start somewhere. The first step is to determine whether they are tight or loose. If an opponent folds.

Aggression% or Aggression Factor? John Red Chipper Posts: 9 December 2015 in General Concepts. I used AF for awhile and recently started using A% instead but not really sure which one would be better to use for cash games? 0 Disagree Agree PRO Advice. Answers. SplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082-December 2015. I don't love either number tbh...but I prefer A% > AF if you put a gun to my head. . Postflop Aggression Frequency (Agg) A bonus stat: Big blinds won/100 hands. These three statistics are a great starting point to get an idea of a person's playing style. They only require 25 hands or so to reliably give a good idea of a player's tendencies. Voluntarily Put $ in Pot (VPIP) VPIP in poker measures how often you voluntarily pay money into a hand before seeing the flop. Paying. 35 Likes, 1 Comments - Felt.Poker (@felt_poker) on Instagram: Poker Aggression Factor. Now available in a rainbow of shirt colors at Felt.Poker. Be aggressive

re: Poker & Best Option to survive to the top 3 Final Table. It is impossible and wrong to talk about the mandatory option to get into the top 3, because 90% will depend on your luck, what your. The first number is her VPIP at 18% of hands, indicating a loose tight player, i.e. a tight player but not a rock. Her PFR is 10% which is about the optimal preflop aggression given her VPIP. Her aggression factor (AF) is 28%. This represents postflop aggression, and it is a rather aggressive level This statistic can be a useful measure of how aggressive a player is. However, it can be misleading as it does not account for any other actions (checking or folding). Consider a player who is tight and aggressive and who bets or raises on the flop an average of 2 in 5 hands and calls with 1 in 5 for an aggression factor of 2 - a common value Discovered something interesting the other day about the difference between the Poker Tracker Aggression Frequency and Aggression Factor statistics. Both numbers quantify how aggressive on average someone plays poker. I've heard people say that the two numbers report the same information, and it's just that they just do so in different manner. I.e., lore has it that it doesn't really matter.

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Aggression is a Key Factor. The aggressive player is the one who bets and raises often. He has the initiative most of the time and determines the flow of the table, controling it. If people suspect they're up against a strong hand, they tend to play a more straightforward game. If they think they're up against a strong hand, they obviously don't want to bluff and they don't want to. Tells are key to poker and with experience you'll soon be able to spot specific patterns. There are other factors to watch out for as well, such as which players are on tilt, intimidated or showing the traits of a bully.But if you keep your eyes and ears open picking up on all of this will soon be second nature to you and you'll be able to adjust your play fit the opposition as well as the.

The Winning 14-Step Sit and Go Battleplan. A portion of this article was published in issue #42 of WPT Poker Magazine. Hands down, the Sit and Go has been the most significant innovation to come out of online poker. A Sit and Go is the only way you can experience every phase of a poker tournament in under an hour at any buy-in and never wait. Every new poker table detected by the application will be displayed in the main window where you can control HUD activation. Aggression factor (AF) Ratio of the amount of time a player is aggressive (he raises or bets) vs. the amount of time that he's passive (he just calls). On second page, the statistics are: Continuation bet (CBet) Percentage of hands the player bets the flop after.

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Hyper-aggressive, Exceptional poker instincts; Alex Assassinato Fitzgerald Newark, NJ Alex Fitzgerald is a full-time poker coach and the author of 'The Myth of Poker Talent'. His poker consultancy has served thousands of clients. Aggressive pre-flop; unorthodox; Kenna Cowboy James Las Vegas, NV Kenna has won over 20 championships, and is the voice of the Heartland Poker Tour. He trains. Poker Range relates to a set of hands that either you or an opponent might hold in a particular situation. So, instead of thinking of one holding like J♣10♦, you would include several hands in a range. For example - K9s, Q9s, J9s, etc. - is part of a poker range of hands. This concept is what we call a range in poker Aggression AF abbreviation meaning defined here. What does AF stand for in Aggression? Get the top AF abbreviation related to Aggression Post-flop Aggression Factor Poker Trackerではこの数字をフロップ、ターン、リバーでの平均値で表示しています。フロップターン、リバー別々の数字をみることもできます。この

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