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Einrichten deines RSS Feed für den Podcast Starte deinen Podcast, indem du Tracks zu deinem RSS Feed hinzufügst, deine Einstellungen personalisierst und dein SoundClound-Profil kompatibel machst. Worüber möchtest du mehr erfahren Setting up your podcast's RSS feed Get your podcast off the ground by adding tracks to your RSS feed, personalizing your settings, and having your SoundCloud profile be compatible. What would you like to learn more about? Your tracks in the RSS feed Auf SoundCloud kannst du den RSS Feed deines' Profils verwenden, um deinen Podcast zu versorgen. Alle Ersteller können die URL für den RSS Feed ihres Kontos finden' und die Kanaleinstellungen über die Registerkarte Inhalt auf der Einstellungsseite finden. Du kannst auf diese Seite zugreifen, indem du zu den drei Punkten in der oberen rechten Ecke deines Kopfbereichs gehst und in der Dropdown-Leiste auf Einstellungen klicks

Setting Up Soundcloud for Podcasting with an RSS feed and Podcast URL | Podcast Tutorial 1 - YouTube. More than a CRM | monday.com. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If. Damit dein RSS-Feed Inhalte an iTunes übermitteln kann, muss du zumindest einen Track als öffentlich verfügbar haben, damit dieser hinzugefügt werden kann. Private Tracks können nicht an den RSS-Feed übergeben werden.   Bitte beachte Es kann bis zu 24 Stunden dauern, bis iTunes deinen SoundCloud RSS-Feed liest und erkennt, dass sich darin neue Episoden von deinem Podcast befinden. Wir haben ein paar verschiedene Möglichkeiten, wie du deinen Track zu deinem RSS-Feed hinzufügen. Add your SoundCloud RSS feed to your social media networks: From the Content tab, copy your RSS feed URL. Submit your feed to Stitcher Submit your feed to TuneIn In iTunes, submit your podcast's RSS feed URL to the iTunes store. If you don't have iTunes installed, download and..

Configurar o feed RSS do seu podcast Deslanche o seu podcast adicionando faixas ao seu feed RSS, personalizando as suas configurações e tornando o seu perfil SoundCloud compatível. O que mais você deseja saber? As suas faixas no feed RSS Get RSS Feed Urls from an Apple Podcast, iTunes, Google Podcast, SoundCloud or even website URL. GetRSSFeed. Paste the Apple Podcast / Google Podcast / SoundCloud / Website URL into the field below to retrieve the Podcast RSS feed URL. You can then copy the result into your Favorite podcast app to subscribe to it You can reach new audiences for your podcast through distribution platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn through an RSS feed on SoundCloud. Add your SoundCloud RSS feed to your social media networks: From the Content tab, copy your RSS feed URL. Submit your feed to Stitcher. Submit your feed to TuneIn. In iTunes, submit your podcast's RSS feed URL to the iTunes store. If you don't have iTunes installed, download and install it. Paste your RSS feed URL where it says.

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  1. Divulgue o feed no próprio SoundCloud: Abra seu perfil, clique no botão Editar: Clique em Adicionar link, cole o link do seu feed RSS e adicione um texto que seja óbvio para o visitante, como Feed RSS do podcast. Depois, clique em Salvar alterações
  2. Here is how to find your SoundCloud RSS Feed.Hi, this is Ryan from podcastfast.c... If you are a Soundcloud Podcasting Beta user then you will have an RSS feed
  3. A podcast-only RSS feed sends audio content across the internet, hitting all sorts of directories and updating them as new content creation occurs. An RSS feed will push your audio content to your listeners, so it is front and center in their podcast listening platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Podcast RSS Feed Requirement
  4. Paste your podcast RSS feed and your email address and click on the submit button. The app will eventually send you a link to claim ownership via email. Click on the link received by email and go to the page that allows you to confirm the claim and take ownership of your podcast just as you see in the screenshot below: That's it. You are good to go. From now on, your podcast is.

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  1. When logged into SoundCloud, go to the SoundCloud settings page. Switch to the content tab. Check the first field, labeled RSS feed. SoundCloud RSS Feed. Use that RSS feed to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts or other directory services. Any changes that you make to track titles or audio may take 24 hours to be reflected on some services
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  3. Lästerschwestern - Der Podcast über das Internet mit YouTuber Robin Blase & Journalistin Lisa Ludwig. Hier diskutieren und lästern Robin & Lisa über YouTube, das Internet, Social Media, Influencer*innen und was das Netz so bewegt. Hauptsache lästern! Lästerschwestern's track
  4. Je hebt een podcast RSS-feed nodig om je podcast naar iTunes en andere podcastdirectories te sturen. U krijgt uw RSS-feed meestal van uw podcast-hostingbedrijf. Dit is veruit de gemakkelijkste manier om een podcast RSS-feed te maken. Details hieronder

RSS.com has created a simple podcast hosting platform that allows subscribers to easily upload new podcast episodes. Once you're done, any new episodes you upload will automatically be updated in your listener's feeds so long as they subscribe to your RSS feed in Apple Podcasts and iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast directories Podcast Hosting uit Nederland. Podcast Hosting. uit Nederland. Jij regelt de audio bestanden, wij regelen de hosting van je podcast, RSS feed, statistieken, eigen webpagina, deelbare audio player, etc. Onbeperkt aantal podcasts en afleveringen. Je podcast publiceren naar Apple, Spotify, Google, etc. Inzicht in je luisteraars How to find your RSS Feed. If your podcast has been submitted to iTunes a super easy way to find your RSS feed is by going to Podcast Connect. Log in and then click on the artwork for your podcast. You will then see your feed on the box titled URL. Be careful not to change this in iTunes, you will just need to copy it

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  1. RSS Feed. An RSS feed is essential for the growth of your podcast. With the feature, you'll be able to share your podcast with your subscribers and new potential listeners. A reliable podcast hosting site will allow you to utilize the RSS feed and sync your podcast with anywhere between five to ten different platforms, organically growing.
  2. Most listeners consume their podcasts by way of RSS feed. Their podcatcher of choice picks up that feed. Where you choose to host your podcast finds its way down the list of priorities as a result. As long as it's technically working, why rock the boat? That mentality finds a lot of podcasts still using SoundCloud. Even when that may no longer be the best fit for their show. I'd encourage.
  3. Here are the four steps needed to create your new feed: Step 1. Create a free RSS Podcasting account Step 2. Confirm your email address and select the New podcast button Step 3. Next, add your new podcast's details including title, description, and your RSS address feed and select Next.... Step.
  4. RSS-Feed: Einen eigenen RSS-Feed können Sie mit dem kostenlosen OpenSource-Tool Easypodcast erstellen. Fortgeschrittene User greifen zu dieser Anleitung, um den RSS-Feed als XML-Datei auszugeben. Sie können Ihren Podcast dann im iTunes Store unter Podcast anmelden
  5. Es ist nicht wirklich eine Kernfunktion, aber sie geben Ihnen einen RSS-Feed und einen Audio-Player. Hier sind weitere Details. SoundCloud. SoundCloud hat die Möglichkeit, als kostenloser Podcast-Host verwendet werden, aber ihre Podcasting-Funktionen sind begrenzt und scheinen mehr wie ein nachträglicher Einfall

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Redirecting the SoundCloud RSS feed to your podcast's new feed in Castos is similar to having your mail forwarded to a new home address. In other words, until Apple Podcasts and other podcast listening platforms have had a chance to update their system, we want them to be forwarded (or redirected) to your new RSS feed at Castos if they look to SoundCloud for your podcast. 1. Sign into your. Every time there's a new podcast on the feed I have to go into the Powerpress plugin and import the podcast manually via the Import from Soundcloud option. I am wondering if there is a way to have this done automatically, perhaps via some sort of chron job which will do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis or every day Play. Dad & Sons: An Okay Podcast. Dad & Sons 170: Jolly Geoff's Game Commercial Bonanza (E3 2021) Posted 1 day ago. 1 day ago. Entertainment. Comment must not exceed 1000 characters. 64 plays. 64

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Das wichtigste Podcast Verzeichnis überhaupt ist der iTunes Store (Apple Podcasts). Um deinen Podcast dort anzumelden, benötigst du eine Apple-ID (ohne geht es leider nicht!). Mit deiner Apple ID meldest Du Dich bei iTunes Connect an und übermittelst den RSS Feed Deines Podcasts. Außerdem benötigst Du ein Podcast Cover. Wie Du das. Hören und abonnieren können Sie den Podcast hier, als RSS-Feed von SoundCloud, direkt über SoundCloud, bei Deezer, bei podcast.de, bei Spotify, bei Apple Podcasts, bei Google Podcasts und als Video mit (automatischen) Untertiteln bei YouTube

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SoundCloud will then add the entered iTunes redirect tag to your feed for you. 10. Go to Apple's Podcast Connect . 11. Click on your existing podcast. 12. In Whooshkaa, copy your new Whooshkaa RSS feed. For more details on how to do this, see this guide. 13. In Apple's Podcast Connect, paste your new Whooshkaa RSS feed in the URL text box. In order to verify ownership of your podcast feed, we send emails to all the addresses we find within your RSS feed. We've run across several providers that use default email addresses in your podcast feed, which need to be adjusted in order for you to claim your podcast. Anchor. Login to your Anchor dashboard. Then click Settings, then Distributions. Enable the Display personal email. Im Podcast spricht der 38-Jährige über das anstehende Duelle, seine schönsten Erinnerungen an die Zeit an der Weser und seinen denkwürdigen Einstand im Sommer 2005, der für starke Kopfschmerzen gesorgt hatte. #19 mit Arnd Zeigler, Oliver Reck und Naldo. Zum Jahresende wird es im Schalke 04 Podcast weltmeisterlich: Benedikt Höwedes blickt in Episode 18 des beliebten Audio-Formats.

Apple Podcasts; Soundcloud; Spotify; Deezer; Alexa Skill; RSS Feed; Alle Folgen im Überblick. Wie der ewige Kampf um digitale Sicherheit die Welt verändert. Die Welt wird immer vernetzter - und damit auch immer angreifbarer. Cybersecurity wird damit für fast alle Branchen, die meisten Institutionen und viele Menschen zur Pflicht. Wir sprechen über Ransomware, also digitale Erpressung. 15.12.2020; Wie digital werden unsere Ärzte? Interview mit Dr. Georg Diedrich - DSW21-Podcast #34 Wie digital werden unsere Ärzte? Interview mit Dr. Georg Diedrich - DSW21-Podcast #3 Your podcast RSS feed is a vitally important part of your podcast and your ability to submit your show to podcasting directories like iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. In this article we demystify the podcast RSS feed and what you need to know to create one for your podcast Step 4: Set up a Feed. Maybe the most essential part of your podcast is a feed to which listeners can subscribe to retrieve automatic updates. Podcasters generally prefer the RSS 2.0 feed format recommended by iTunes. Most free blogging services generate RSS feeds automatically. However, it is important that your feed supports enclosures, a.

Schritt 1: Erstellen Sie einen Podcast, der in M4A, MP3, MOV, MP4 oder PDF-Formate ist. Wenn Ihr Podcast-Format die Verlangerung nicht erfüllt, können Sie mithilfe Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate Video umwandeln. Schritt 2: Erstellen Sie ein der Spezifikation für RSS 2.0 entsprechendes RSS Feed, inkl Da Podcasts normalerweise heruntergeladen und erst später angehört werden, musst du eine Datei anhängen. Eingebettete Dateien wie SoundCloud können zwar in unserer App oder auf unserer Website angehört werden - allerdings funktionieren sie im Podcast nicht und sind daher auch nicht im RSS-Feed zu finden

While the spoken podcast is (very soon) available on all relevant podcast outlets, the DJ Mix podcast is available on SoundCloud, MIXCLOUD and YouTube for listening and via RSS feed for subscription. The LIGHTS OUT Podcast was originally successful on Spotify until they noticed that I use music from other artists and labels and thus promote it. Spotify doesn't seem to understand. Im Juni 2020 startete unser Remote Viewing-Podcast im Rahmen der Academy of Mind. Dort besprechen wir vor allem vergangene und gegenwärtige Projekte, die den Weg unserer Remote Viewing-Arbeit geprägt haben und auch größtenteils hier im Signallinie-Blog vertreten sind. Gekrönt werden die Sendungen durch viele Anekdoten, fachliche Einsichten und Praxistipps, die sich aus den vorgestellten.

Willkommen beim Podcast-Angebot der IHK Neubrandenburg für das östliche Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Am Mikrofon begrüßt Sie Grit Gehlen. In unseren Hörbeiträgen gehen wir auf aktuelle Themen der Wirtschaft ein. Wenn Sie Fragen oder Themenwünsche haben, freuen wir uns über Ihre Mail an presse(at)neubrandenburg.ihk(dot)de. Zum direkten Abbonieren außerhalb von Soundcloud, bitte folgenden. DVZ Der Podcast. 20. Mai 2020. D ie DVZ gibt es jetzt auch für zu Hause oder unterwegs - als Podcast. Ab sofort lassen wir Sie bei unseren Interviews mithören und beleuchten die wichtigsten Themen der Branche und unsere Arbeit als Fachjournalisten von einer neuen Seite. Der DVZ-Podcast erscheint alle zwei Wochen. Jetzt reinhören ‎RSS-Feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:39953405/sounds.rss Podcast ist ebenfalls auf iTunes, Deezer und Spotify verfügbar Wie du deinen Podcast auf Deezer änderst oder aktualisierst. Unser System prüft Podcast-Feeds täglich auf Aktualisierungen, sodass du nichts weiter tun musst, sobald dein Podcast eingereicht ist. Es dauert 24 Stunden, bis neue Folgen bei Deezer erscheinen, sobald du sie zu deinem RSS-Feed hinzugefügt hast Im Podcast spricht über die EM 2024, den Fall Özil, das WM-Aus, die Rolle von Jogi Löw und Oliver Bierhoff. Zudem plaudert der DFB-Boss darüber, wie er mit der Kritik an seiner Person umgeht und welche Pläne er für die Zukunft hat. Für sich. Und für den DFB. Dieses Phrasenmäher Spezial wurde in der DFB-Zentrale in Frankfurt aufgenommen. #8 Spezial: DFB-Boss Grindel (1/1) Rudi.

You can also import your podcasts subscriptions from an iTunes or Google Reader OPML file, or use the embedded search engine to browse Podcasts Addict or iTunes database (750K podcasts). Finally, you can also copy and paste your podcasts RSS feeds in order to subscribe. The app displays a small ad banner at the bottom of the screen Podcast Addict is the #1 Podcast App on Android with over 10M downloads, 500K reviews, 2 Billion episodes downloaded and an average rating of 4.7/5. Podcast Addict allows you to manage Podcast, Radio, Audiobook, Live stream, YouTube, SoundCloud channels and RSS News feeds from a single app A podcast completely dedicated to baking. Co-hosted by bakers Amanda Faber and Jeremiah Duarte Bills, Flour Hour features interviews with baking professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts. Topics cover all types of baking and the food stories that inspire culture, creativity and humanity. Flour Hour Baking Podcast. Amanda and Jeremiah interview Jonas Ketterle the owner of Ceremonial Cacao.

FUMBBL Podcast! - Telling you all you need to know about FUMBBL and other BB things En iVoox la configuración del RSS original se realiza editando el podcast en la página de Mi contenido (Mis podcasts) y rellenando el campo Origen Feed RSS (1). Como en todos los casos, puedes poner el feed de FeedBurner o FeedPress o el de SoundCloud, si es que este sistema lo has elegido como fuente principal A: SoundCloud is a hosting platform that does not pull information about episodes from an RSS feed the same way that the other podcast directories do. If you find value in publishing on SoundCloud, you'll need to manage a hosting account with them and upload new episodes on their platform manually 2 Responses to SoundCloud Introduces RSS For Podcasts Dubstep says: January 26, 2011 at 3:25 am. Geez. About time! I have been waiting for soundcloud to implement rss feeds for a long time now. It has take a long time, but it seems like it's here (in a beta kind of way). I've been using a tool for a while that converts them, but to have them on soundcloud is really where it's at.

These apps w ill not allow you to add your RSS feed because the Patreon creator, who owns the podcast, has no way to create a feed without authentication. Only audio posts that your creator has uploaded will populate in your private RSS feed. Video and text posts will not appear in your feed. Additionally, audio link posts (like Soundcloud. Generate RSS feeds from eBay, SoundCloud, and more; Create RSS for websites that don't have it; Simple to use; Pricing: Free, Pro plans starts from $4.95/month. 3. The Old Reader . Like most RSS generators or creators on this list, The Old Reader works by adding links to the websites or publications you want content from and letting the tool do the rest. You can organize your content by.

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Here's a mix of the latest and greatest soca perfect for your caribana/cropover prepump!!! Mixed by Dj Ana Download for free on The Artist Unio Diesen Podcast präsentiert das fliegermagazin zusammen mit Garmin. Garmin GI 275 - das digitale Rundinstrument im Detail erklärt. Die Navigations-App SkyDemon richtet sich vor allem an VFR-Piloten, sie läuft auf iOS, Android und PC. Wir sprechen mit Rob Hart über die App, wie sie sich in Zukunft entwickeln wird, und über die Menschen, die sie machen. Erste Überraschung: Es sind nur vier. 最後に、SoundCloudからApple Podcastへ配信するための紐付けをしていきます。 紐付けをしないと、SoundCloudにアップした音声データがApple Podcast側に反映されません。 アカウントにログイン右上の「・・・」を選択Settingsを選択 . ContentRSS feedより、RSS feedの.

The RSS feeds are updated approximately every 90 minutes. Can I subscribe to a feed with my podcast client? Unfortunately, the generated feeds aren't proper podcast feeds since there is no universal way to download files directly from SoundCloud After you click the pencil button to edit an individual track on SoundCloud, you must click on permissions then click the button to include in rss feed. SoundCloud has updated the method since this original question so this is an update. I was able to successfully validate my podcast rss feed from SoundCloud after doing this

RSS Generator. First of all it's an online RSS feed generator. This service allows you to create RSS feed out of almost any web page. Your only task is to provide us with target URL and point on desired blocks in our visual RSS builder. The rest is our job. And you get your feed in seconds 99.99% Uptime: Fun fact, RSS feeds run on servers. Important fact, our servers have failover baked in and each data center has a 99.99% uptime. Manual Refresh: Podcast feeds update in 60 seconds! RSS Feed With 100% Compliance. Apple: Follows their file request requirements (head and byte range), and never blocks them from accessing feeds. In. A fantasy podcast/audiobook series following Gretel Gravetalker, a young necromancer seeking immortality and revenge. RSS Feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users.

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Determining the RSS feeds for videos and podcasts can be tricky. Here are a couple of tips on how to find the RSS feeds for YouTube channels and playlists, and podcasts on iTunes or Soundcloud. To determine the RSS feed for a YouTube channel: View the page source for the YouTube channel (right click on the page and click view page source Do a search for the text channelID and copy. The author of your favorite website or podcast creates an RSS feed that maintains a list of new updates or notifications. You can check this list on your own, or you can subscribe to the feed so updates will show up in your own feed reader. This keeps you apprised of updates immediately. What Does the Information Look Like? In a feed reader, you'll see brief and basic information about the. Locating your Anchor RSS feed April 29, 2019 00:07 If you want to distribute your podcast manually, or validate/claim ownership of your feed on any external sites, you'll first need your RSS feed

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Episodes Interviews About The Show The Host Press Virtual Tours Hub & Spoke Subscribe Apple Podcasts Spotify NPR One RadioPublic Soundcloud RSS Feed Support Patreon The Salon Store Newsletter Subscribe Latest Issu A podcast where hosts Mike Martin, Alex Faciane and Jesse Cox dive into the endless sea of mystery and unknown. From the horror of serial killers, to the mysteries of the occult, aliens, and inter-dimensional musicians, nothing is off the table for these three to discuss and dissect. Our world is full of mysteries, come and join Chilluminati as they dive as deep as they can into the unknown. Castos is the best alternative to Soundcloud for your podcast hosting needs. We offer additional features, straight-forward pricing, and the peace of mind that we're committed to podcasters in the long run. Here's exactly how Soundcloud and Castos compare. Feature: Castos: Soundcloud: Manage Multiple Podcasts From One Account Learn More: Unique RSS feeds created for every new podcast. Seu podcast brasileiro de MTG. Saltar para o conteúdo. rakdoscast Seu podcast brasileiro de MTG. Facebook; Twitter; e-mail ; RSS Feed; Barra lateral. Menu. Sobre o RakdosCast; Apresentadores; Lista com todos os episódios; rakdoscast RSS - Artigos. Artigos Recentes. Episódio 271 - Top 10 Hexproof; Episódio 270 - Modern Horizons 2; Episódio 269 - Rapiruscast; Episódio 268 - É. Hi - I've just activated the blog for my podcast site (thedistillerpodcast.com) and currently the blog posts are being pulled into the Podcast's RSS feed, which I do not want. Honestly I don't care right now whether the blog has its own RSS feed, but I DO NOT want the blog posts included in the Podcast RSS Feed

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Cannabis & CBD For Health & Wellness With Dr. June Chin S 2 EP 30. Cannabis & CBD sound mood: Sussudio Phil Collins In the era of wellness and health in the form of yoga, meditation, nutrition, an. Episode page. April 9, 2021 Most streaming music apps also have the ability to play and subscribe to podcasts.. Some of the more popular muic services are Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, Deezer and SoundCloud.. Search within the music player for The Los Angeles Podcast or enter the RSS feed manually Import RSS feeds from any podcast hosting provider using Seriously Simple Podcasting. Customize on which post type to enable podcasting features. Create password protected podcast RSS feeds from the Settings > Security tag. Use this feature in combination with a membership plugin to restrict access to your podcast

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How do I import my podcast from Soundcloud? Grouping episodes by Season; Specs for podcast cover art on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google; You can easily transfer your podcast from Anchor to Transistor. Once the import is complete, and you've updated Apple Podcasts, you'll be able to delete your old or Anchor account. Step 1: Log into Transistor and click Add show In the My Shows menu, click. Podcast Host: You upload your podcast episode file (MP3) to a podcast host such as Libsyn or Soundcloud. The file is either scheduled for release or published immediately. RSS Feed: The host creates an RSS feed for your podcast. This is a document which contains information about the podcast and published episodes (not scheduled episodes) Follow the Techdirt Podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe via Apple Podcasts, or grab the RSS feed. You can also keep up with all the latest episodes right here on Techdirt . Filed Under: civil rights.

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Der RSS-Feed für den Podcast findet sich hier. Die Folge lässt sich auch bei iTunes oder direkt bei Soundcloud anhören und auch als mp3 herunterladen. Fragen oder Anmerkungen könnt ihr unter diesem Post in den Kommentaren hinterlassen oder per EMail an mgenblog@gmx.de auf den Weg bringen. Falls ihr mögt, bewertet unseren Podcast doch bei. This will be a feed URL from a podcast hosting platform, or another WordPress site if it is using Seriously Simple Podcasting or other similar plugins to manage a podcast RSS feed. Importing the podcast to your WordPress site. In the Podcast - Settings area you will see an Import tab. Selecting it you will see this view: Enter that external.

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People, Places, Power is a podcast hosted by Simon Anholt and Professor Nick Cull of the University of Southern California. Each week, we discuss international relations, foreign policy, public diplomacy and a whole lot of other issues along the way - including, of course, good countries and good leaders Classic City Crime is a true crime podcast featuring stories from Athens, Georgia— home to the state's university and a lively music and arts scene, Cameron Jay will take listeners on a journey of uncovering some of the city's most interesting crimes In this week's podcast, our hosts, Paraone and Tariao are joined by the lovely Pānia Papa to discuss te kīwaha ō te wiki: Ka ngangaro. The three also discuss and share their experience with karanga. We then enjoy the waiata He Kākano Ahau, and we farewell our wonderful Tariao by listening to a few bloopers from past episodes. Taringa - Ep 32 - Tikanga 101 - Karanga. Episode 31 of. Un feed RSS o archivo RSS es un archivo generado por algunos sitios web o blogs que contienen la información de lo que se ha publicado en esa web. Cada uno de esos elementos que se ha publicado y está dentro del feed RSS se llama ítem. . Cada uno de esos ítem suele contener un título, resumen y enlace a la página web original RSS feed Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Amazon Music Pocket Casts. About the Podcast. Chilling with Jens. Discover the world of evaporative refrigeration . Tune in to the best podcast in the cooling industry. Join host Jens Andersen as he takes you through the principles, processes, and applications in and around evaporative refrigeration. Jens has knowledge, wisdom, and insights. Wir veröffentlichen jeden Monat eine neue Episode. Klicke unten um unseren Podcast auf deiner Lieblings-Streaming-Seite zu hören. Vergiss nicht, unseren Podcast zu abonieren um keine neue Folge zu verpassen. Spotify Apple Podcast Soundcloud. Google Podcasts Tune-I

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