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Later AIFMs will be included in the Register collective investment schemes (see bottom of this page). Currently, a list of all AIFMD licensed AIFMs is offered in a separate spreadsheet document. Download AIFMD licensed AIFMs. As opposed to AIFMD licensed AIFMs which obtained their AIFMD license by applying for an AIFMD authorisation after 22 July. Geregistreerde AIFMs. Een lijst van Nederlandse beheerders van een of meer beleggingsinstellingen die zich hebben aangemeld voor het AIFMD-registratieregime van artikel 2:66a Wft (de zogenoemde 'light' beheerders), is beschikbaar in onderstaand excelbestand. Deze partijen beschikken niet over een AIFMD-vergunning The registers can be watched easily on tablets and smartphones from now on. Searching the registers . You can also search every separate register. Select a register in the menu on the left. Brexit. As a result of Brexit, the AFM has removed all European passports incoming from and outgoing to the United Kingdom from its register as of 1 January 2021

The EU Directive for managers of alternative investment funds (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive or AIFMD) was adopted by the EU Parliament on 11 November 2010. The AIFMD aims to provide for an internal market for managers of alternative investment funds (AIFMs) a harmonised and stringent regulatory and supervisory framework for the activities within the EU as of 22 July 2013 Registers vernieuwd. Het uiterlijk van de registerpagina's is aangepast aan de rest van de website. De registers zijn nu ook goed te bekijken op een tablet en een smartphone. Brexit. Vanwege brexit heeft de AFM met ingang van 1 januari 2021 alle Europese paspoorten van en naar het Verenigd Koninkrijk uit het register verwijderd. (Lees meer over brexit.

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Op grond van de AIFM-richtlijn (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) heeft een beheerder een vergunning nodig om een alternatieve beleggingsinstelling te beheren en/of deelnemingsrechten daarin aan te bieden aan beleggers. In bepaalde situaties is een vergunning niet nodig en is een registratie voldoende 1402 results found for register investment firms. Registered name Trade name Place Country. 1Vermogensbeheer B.V. 1Vermogensbeheer B.V. Bussum Nederland. 2B Trading B.V. 2B Trading B.V. Baarn Nederland. 323 Trading B.V. 323 Trading B.V. Amsterdam Nederland. 360 Treasury Systems AG 360 Treasury Systems AG FRANKFURT AM MAIN Duitsland UK AIFMs. If you are an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) you must be authorised (full-scope AIFM) or registered if you manage Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) with assets under management below certain thresholds. Sub-threshold AIFMs have the right to opt-in to full authorisation Beheerders van alternatieve beleggingsinstellingen die onder het AIFMD registratieregime vallen en daardoor niet vergunningplichtig zijn, moeten zich (en de door hen te beheren alternatieve beleggingsinstelling (en)) voorafgaand aan het aanbieden van deelnemingsrechten in de door hen te beheren alternatieve beleggingsinstelling (en) melden/registreren bij de AFM

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1. The AFM expects AIFMs to carefully investigate and evaluate whether their (anticipated) activities require an AIFMD licence. The AFM applies the AIFMD in a strict manner and only supervises AIFMs that indeed are obligated to have a licence. By this rule, the AFM wishes to ensure that parties do not continue operating under a licence because they deem it usefull, for example for marketing purposes, while they do not actually need a licende under the AIFMD. As a result of the. Furthermore, the AFM will only grant the AIFMD license, if A small registered UK AIFM will not be carrying on a regulated activity in respect of its activities as an AIFM for an AIF for which it is entitled to be registered. Regulation 10 of the AIFMD UK regulation provides for three categories of small registered UK AIFM: (1) to fall within the first category the AIFM must: (a) have a registered office in the U

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All alternative investment funds managers established in the European Union, whether they manage EU or non-EU AIF, are subject to the AIFMD. The AIFMD also governs the marketing in the EU of AIF managed by an AIFM established outside the EU. It is important to note that a non-EU AIFM marketing outside of the EU a non-EU fund which invest in EU equities does not come within the scope of the AIFMD, as this would involve product regulation and the AIFMD is regulating the AIF managers Investment management (AIFMD, UCITS Directive, MMFR, EuVECA and EuSEF Regulation, ELTIF Regulation) Investment Fund Managers. Register of authorised Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) exposures to commercial real estate. 2017 2018. 2019. Data on AIFs exposures to commercial real estate in response to the ESRB Recommendation on closing real estate. If the conditions can be fulfilled, the registration should take 3 to 6 months. Notes Additional requirements amounting to full compliance with AIFMD and the appointment of a local representative in Austria. A manager intending to market to professional or retail investors in Austria must send a Notification Letter to the Austrian FMA together with a confirmation from the home country competent authority and the relevant information as required in Annex II of the Austrian AIFMG AFM Portaa It can be distinguished from a host AIFM model where an AIFM delegates either the portfolio management function or the risk management function under AIFMD to a delegate itself authorised or registered for the purpose of asset management (often used in a cross-jurisdictional context)

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  1. Consequently, those AIFMs should not be subject to full authorisation but to registration in their home Member States and should, inter alia, provide their competent authorities with relevant information regarding the main instruments in which they are trading and on the principal exposures and most important concentrations of the AIFs they manage. However, in order to be able to benefit from the rights granted under this Directive, those smaller AIFMs should be allowed to be treated as.
  2. de AIFMD. De rechtbank oordeelde dat hier in dit specifieke geval geen sprake van was, waardoor de AIFM Richtlijn buiten toepassing bleef. 9. Te raadplegen via: www.afm.nl, 'Professionals', 'Doelgroepen', 'Beleggingsinstellingen', 'Veelgestelde vragen'. waarin kapitaal bijeen wordt gebracht als een abi moet worden beschouwd.10 2.3. Achtergrond en doelstellingen AIF
  3. Small Registered UK AIFMs, SEF and RVECA managers. Registered UK AIFMs and SEF and RVECA managers are subject to application and periodic fees of £750 each. For more information, refer to our Policy Statement - Implementation of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. National Private Placement Regime (NPPR) NPPR application fee

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An authorised AIFM which is an external manager of one or more AIFs is required to have initial capital of (i) €125,000 plus (ii) 0.02% of the value of the portfolios of the AIFs it manages in excess of €250 million, subject to a cap of €10 million. The Directive gives Member States the flexibility to authorise AIFMs not to provide 50% of. Along with the development with respect to potential application of AIFMD passporting to Swiss AIFMs, the Swiss Federal Council not only amended the Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance (FinfraV) on 29 June 2016 but also extended the transitional periods for financial market infrastructures by one year - in line with the EU progress. This extension enables the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to take appropriate account of any further EU specifications related to. AIFMD AFM AFM Probes-AFM Nanoprobe . Largest Inventory Of New & Used Vehicles In Canada. Find Your Deal Now The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is a regulatory framework that applies to EU-registered hedge funds, private equity funds, and real estate investment funds . On 18 November 2019 the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, AFM) has. Marketing strategies under AIFMD Four different approaches 1. register for active marketing (Article 42 process) 2. pre-marketing, then register for active marketing if sufficient demand - may rule out reverse enquiry - only works in countries where pre-marketing does not trigger registratio

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Na ontvangst van het (ingevulde) formulier zal de AFM de nieuwe beleggingsinstelling in het AIFMD-meldingsregime register bijschrijven, tenzij u specifiek aangeeft niet in het register opgenomen te willen worden. De AFM brengt hiervoor niet opnieuw registratiekosten in rekening. Invulinstructie . Het meldingsformulier is bedoeld als een leidraad om het proces van melding te vereenvoudigen. Het. DOC-2013-21 Registration arrangements for legal entities, other than portfolio management companies, managing certain Other AIF. DOC-2013-22 Frequently asked questions on the transposition of the AIFM Directive into French law. III. 2.5. III. 2.6. Digital assets services providers Voir plus. DOC-2020-07 Questions & answers on the digital asset service providers regime . DOC-2019-24 Digital.

AIFMD MoUs signed by the EU authorities. Reference ESMA34-32-418. Section. Fund Management. International cooperation. Type Reference AFM. Nera Vastgoed BV heeft haar activiteiten gemeld bij de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM) als bedoeld in artikel 2:66a, derde lid. De melding wordt gedaan om te beoordelen of de activiteiten voldoen aan de voorwaarden om onder het AIFMD-meldingsregime te vallen (artikel 2:66a, eerste en tweede lid, Wft en artikel 2, eerste lid. The Central Bank of Ireland's Registers contains individual registers for all financial service providers and collective investment schemes (CIS) regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. It also includes details of other types of finanical service providers which we are required to disclose on our registers but are not regulated by us. Whether you are a consumer, part of the financial.

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Ondanks dat u geen vergunning nodig heeft, is een registratie in het register AIFMD-registratieregime van de AFM wel verplicht: AIFMD-registratieregime register. De kosten bij de AFM van een melding uitgezonderde beheerder bedragen eenmalig €4.400 in vergelijking met een vergunningsaanvraag dat kan oplopen tot €100.000. Het opstarten van een vrijgesteld beleggingsfonds . De eerste stap is. These duties are cash monitoring, safekeeping and oversight, and each entity that performs them is referred to as an Article 36 custodian in the AIFMD UK Regulation. Article 36 custodians that are carrying out one or more of the duties set out in article 21(7) to (9) (cash monitoring, safekeeping and oversight) in the UK require a Part 4A permission for acting as a depositary of an AIF The future of reverse solicitation in the EU in the context of the AIFMD. 29 Apr 2019. On 16 April 2019, the European Parliament adopted the final text of the Directive amending (amongst others) the AIFMD [1] (the Amending Directive).. The Amending Directive has the stated objective of establishing uniform rules on the publication of national provisions concerning marketing requirements for. ROI asset management heeft in 2007 een AFM-vergunning verkregen als beheerder van een beleggingsinstelling. Deze vergunning is per 22 juli 2014 omgezet in een nieuwe vergunning door de AFM. Dit als gevolg van de inwerkingtreding van de AIFMD, een Europese richtlijn voor beleggingsinstellingen


Posted on. 9 Oct 2017. Conflicts of interest is an aspect that is - although necessary for investment firms' compliance processes - often considered after the event. It is hard to remember in the heat of the action and because it is not always easy to define, it is not the first thing that a commercial team will think about. Under MiFID. REGISTER De beheerder zal onder de naam Triple Jump B.V. worden ingeschreven in het register voor beheerders van beleggingsinstellingen op de AFM-website,als bedoeld in artikel 1:107 Wft. De gemelde beleggingsinstellingen onder beheer van de beheerder worden tevens ingeschreven in dit register, waarbij ook de naam van de bewaarder wordt vermeld.

The AFM has published a paper highlighting some areas which it considers to be relevant for the public consultation and for the AIFMD review. The AFM is generally satisfied with the AIFMD and the way it works out in practice. However, in their assessment whether the objectives of the AIFMD are fully achieved, they still see room for improvements in a number of areas Totdat de partijen met een AIFMD-vergunning in 2015 worden toegevoegd aan het register beleggingsinstellingen zijn zij beschikbaar in onderstaand excelbestand. Download overzicht vergunninghoudende AIFMs in .xls-formaat (22 februari 2015) Anders dan het geval is bij AIFMs die een AIFMD-vergunning hebben aangevraagd, heeft de AFM geen inhoudelijke toets uitgevoerd met betrekking tot AIFMs van.

Together we create new solutions to old problems, new rules and sometimes entirely new disciplines. We fund beyond philantrophy; we support the entrepreneur's ability with early stage capital investments to create innovation that deliver results. We measure impact, as an ongoing learning & development and reporting tool In het register Accountantsorganisaties van de AFM, dat te raadplegen is via de website van de AFM, kan worden nagegaan of een accountantsorganisatie over een vergunning als bedoeld in de Wta beschikt. Subparagraaf 6.4.2 . De beheerder vermeldt bij de aanvraag van de vergunning welke beleggingsinstelling(en) hij beheert en verstrekt het Meldingsformulier beleggingsinstelling als. On 18 November 2019 the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, AFM) has published its improved best practices (th About AIFMD. The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD or the Directive) was published on 1 July 2011 and establishes common requirements across the EU to regulate managers (AIFMs) of alternative investment funds (AIFs). With very limited exceptions the Directive covers all funds that are not UCITS funds On 18 August 2017 we informed you that on 10 August 2017, the Dutch Authority for the financial markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, AFM) sent a general email to small registered AIFMD.

EUR 100,000 exception: no retail top-up regime. As of April 2016, the DFSA provides that an AIFM will not be subject to the above retail top-up requirements, if retail investors are only permitted. Nicoya Capital Group. Nicoya Capital Group is an alternative investment company providing Pre-IPO investments and bespoke products in selected companies looking for funding to further fuel growth. Our investment opportunities are offered to a very small circle of institutions and high-net-worth individuals. We provide our clients with the. The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is a regulatory framework that applies to EU-registered hedge funds, private equity funds, and real estate investment funds

Eversheds Sutherland Entities are constituted and regulated in accordance with relevant local regulatory and legal requirements and operate in accordance with their locally registered names. The use of the name Eversheds Sutherland, is for description purposes only and does not imply that the Eversheds Sutherland Entities are in a partnership or are part of a global LLP. The responsibility for.

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Private investment strategy. As an independent investment firm, it is our core focus to connect the right investor base with ambitious, fast-growing companies that seek to grow through an exchange listing or SPAC in the next 12-36 months (pre-IPO) or through private capital rounds to become market leaders in their respective sectors The AIFMD applies to managers of funds that are not UCITS, including hedge funds, private equity funds, and real estate funds. Taken together, the UCITS Directive and the AIFMD provide for a comprehensive set of rules for fund management activities in the EU. Alternative investment funds can be sold to professional investors throughout the EU on the basis of a passport. The AIFMD is notable. −Over 1800 Luxembourg funds are registered for distribution in Singapore, representing more than 42% of Luxembourg fund registrations in the entire Asia Pacific region; −Luxembourg fund registrations in the Asia Pacific region keep growing at a steady rate, driven mainly by registrations in Singapore (+13% in 2014 vs. +7,15% for the entire Asia Pacific region) •In contrast, there are. A password will be e-mailed to you. Privacy Policy. Password recover

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published the letter it received from the European Commission (EC) in respect of its advice on the application of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) passport to non-EU AIFMs and AIFs, and ESMA's opinion on the functioning of the passport for EU AIFMs and on the national private placement regime Social Impact Bond voor statushouders bewijst zich. In 2017 is voor statushouders in de gemeente Veldhoven een programma van IamNL van start gegaan, met een nieuwe aanpak waarbij zowel inburgering als werk centraal staan. Het programma is gefinancierd door ING en Fundatie Van den Santheuvel, Sobbe in vorm van een Social Impact Bond (SIB) To briefly summarise, any AIFM running an EU-based AIF will require a full depository solution under AIFMD to carry out three core duties under Article 21 of the directive: namely cash management, safekeeping of assets and general oversight of the AIF. Such a depository agreement will need to be in place by this summer To print this article, all you need is to be registered or on Mondaq.com. On 18 November 2019 the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, AFM) has published its improved best practices (the Best Practices) in respect of the compliance with Directive 2011/61/EU (AIFMD) for licensed managers register with the AFM, to perform regular filings concern-ing their activities and to notify the AFM if they no longer meet the conditions for exemption. 11. Smaller Netherlands-based AIFMs may even rely on the 'smaller AIFM' exemption to market AIFs to retail Dutch investors. In that case however, the participa-tion rights must be offered to less than 150 Dutch retail investors or have a.

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  1. The entity will need to be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Corporate Outsourcing is permitted in line with the requirements in AIFMD and the Delegated Regulation Portfolio management and risk management may only be outsourced to a party subject to financial regulatory supervision or with prior approval from the AFM
  2. Of particular importance is the fact that the AFM will apply stricter tests to governance, operation (organisation (integrity and conduct), AIF acceptance policy, implementation of the depositary duties in compliance with the AIFMD, policy on conflicts of interests, due diligence in the event of delegation, compliance and audit functions) and business plans of depositaries. There is also more.
  3. No registration or notification with the AFM is required. In order to ensure that no uncertainty exists about to whom the units are offered, in practice, sales legends and disclaimers are included in all information and marketing material. Marketing by AIFMs situated in Guernsey, Jersey or the US. A special regime is, at least until 22 July 2018, available for AIFMs situated in Guernsey.
  4. AFM Veelgestelde vragen AIFMD 2019 Veelgestelde vragen AIFMD (oude versie mei 2019) Veelgestelde vragen AIFMD (oude versie 2017) Veelgestelde vragen AIFMD (oude versie, 2015) AFM notification form non EU managers Richtsnoeren voor rapportageverplichtingen uit hoofde van artikel 3, lid 3,onder d), en artikel 24, leden 1, 2 en 4, van de AIFMD
  5. On 22 July 2013, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) came into force. In the Netherlands, the AIFMD has been implemented by
  6. Legislative proposal regarding UBO register for trusts and FGRs - impact on funds 29 April 2021. News . AFM Sectorbrief voor AIFM light beheerders 28 April 2021. Views . Landmark case on the validity of EU soft law: what to do when EBA adopts guidelines outside its prerogative? 22 April 2021. Uncategorized . Finnius maintains its Tier 2 ranking in Legal 500 Europe Guide 15 April 2021. News.
  7. Public Private partnerships for innovation. We develop and manage innovative financing instruments that enable private and public investments in projects that contribute to tackling societal problems. We do this by structuring through social impact funds and social impact bonds. We want to achieve impact on a systems level, by using a.

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  1. laurina.nieukerke@inclusif.nl. Founder, and successful serial entrepreneur who has been building an Impact Investing eco-system since 2013. She's convinced impact investing can pave the way for more effective, proactive investment across the public and private sector and helped move talent and capital interested in both social and financial.
  2. g much clearer. Those wishing to manage and market alternative investment funds (or AIFs) in the UK.
  3. De meldingen van uitgezonderde AIFM's worden door de AFM opgenomen in het register, mits zij voldoen aan de voorwaarden van artikel 2:66a, lid 1 en 2 Wft en artikel 2, lid 1 Uitwerkingsverordening AIFM-richtlijn en de aangeleverde stukken geen vragen oproepen. Bij meldingen van uitgezonderde AIFM's moet in het meldingsformulier duidelijk worden aangegeven op grond van welke bepalingen in.

Mechteld.Giesen@afm.nl Overgang AIFMD regime Op 22 juli 2014 zijn alle bestaande Wft-vergunningen van beheerders van beleggingsinstellingen en beleggingsmaatschappijen zonder aparte beheerder (artikel 2:65, lid 1 sub a en b, Wft-oud) van rechtswege overgegaan in een AIFM-vergunning (artikel 2:65 Wft-nieuw), tenzij vergunninghouders anders hebben verzocht. Door middel van een uitvraag hebben. Vragen aan de AFM kunnen gesteld worden via aifmd@afm.nl. Zie ook de AIFMD Nieuwsbrief van de AFM (t/m 2013). Zie ook de ESMA Overview technical standards en de ESMA overview of guidelines. Zie ook het ESMA register vergunning houdende ondernemingen. 3 jul. 2018: Marcel Tak, Het informatietoezicht mag echt beter, AFM, IEXProfs over een interview gegeven door Gerben Everts, directeur AFM, aan.

Non-EU managers have to register with the AFM and subsequently provide the required information under Annex IV to the AIFMD to the DNB. The first report was due 31 January 2015. The DNB announced it will send a letter on the updated requirements and when the reporting is due to all registered non-EU managers in due course. Until that time the AFM and DNB stated that no enforcement action will. The rules relating to the cross-border distribution of collective funds have been published in the EU Official Journal. These consist of: a Regulation setting out a harmonised framework in relation to aspects of cross-border distribution of funds; and a Directive on the cross-border distribution of collective investment funds containing amendments to the UCITS IV Directive and the AIFMD AFM Views on AIFMD Review. On 17 June 2020, the AFM published a position paper setting out its recommendations for the review of AIFMD. While generally satisfied that AIFMD aims are being met, it sees room for improvement in the following areas: Third Country Passport and National Private Placement Regimes (NPPRs). The AFM note that it is.


  1. register van de AFM, zoals thans wel geldt voor op grond van hoofdstuk 5.3 Wft gedane meldingen van zeggenschap in beursvennootschappen.4 Het niet beschikbaar stellen van de informatie aan anderen dan de AFM is opmerkelijk in het licht van het feit dat de doelstelling van de meldingsplicht juist het bieden van transparantie is. Overweging 53 van de AIFM-richtlijn vermeldt immers: Specifieke.
  2. Recognised funds. A fund that is established outside the UK must be recognised by us to be promoted to retail investors in the UK. Funds established in countries other than the UK must be recognised under section 272 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) or entered into the temporary marketing permissions regime (TMPR). A.
  3. small registered AIFMs and to non-EU AIFMs) in respect of EU AIFs, which are either not yet established or already established but not yet notified for marketing in the EU under the AIFMD. 1 Please note that the CBDF Rules (and the AIFMD) assimilate Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein (which are contracting parties to the agreement creating the European Economic Area (EEA)) to the Member States.
  4. AIFMD will have to be registered, notified or passported with the German regulator, the Federal Financial Services Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin) prior to any type of direct or indirect distribution in Germany; i.e. private placement is no longer available. No, under the revised CISA the term public marketing has been abolished.
  5. Using the Financial Services Register. In the UK, nearly all financial service activities must be authorised by the FCA. You can search the Financial Services Register (the Register) for firms and individuals, and the activities for which firms have permissions. Always check the firm you're dealing with is listed on the Register. It lists all.

Zu diesem Zweck wurden mit der AIFMD Aufsichtsvorschriften und Regelungen über die Haftung der Verwahrstellen für das Abhandenkommen der in Verwahrung gegebenen (Finanz-)Instrumente eingeführt. 2. Kurz vor Weihnachten 2017 kündigte die niederländische Finanzmarktaufsicht (AFM) in ihrem Newsletter 3 mit Wirkung zum 18. März 2018 die Einführung einer Pflichtlizenzierung für AIF. De AFM heeft in het Digitaal Loket een notificatieformulier gepubliceerd voor niet-EU beheerders die gebruik willen maken van de uitzondering van artikel 1:13b lid 1 Wft (artikel 42 AIFM-richtlijn). Het volledig ingevulde formulier inclusief alle bijlagen kunnen worden gemaild naar non.eu.notifications.aifmd@afm.nl. Deze notificatieprocedure is beschikbaar voor beheerders van. Elite Fund Management beschikt over een vergunning van de AFM en is in het register van de toezichthouder opgenomen. Met het Alpha High Performance fund kunt u op een gemakkelijke manier spreiding aanbrengen in uw portefeuille . AFM en AIFMD SynVes . Nederlandse cryptocurrency-aanbieders hebben voortaan een vergunning nodig om te handelen. Op.

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European Commission and AFM - Review of application and scope of AIFMD On 10 June 2020, the European Commission (Commission) reported to the European Parliament and the Council on the assessment of the application and the scope of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). The AIFMD entered into force on 22 July 2013 Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) & Authorised Fund Manager (AFM) Fund Oversight. As part of our fully in-house fund administration service, our ACD & AFM Fund Oversight team cover four areas critical to the efficient and compliant functioning of funds: Fund Governance, Monitoring & Risk Reporting, Delegate Oversight and Regulatory Change We are based in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and registered at the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) under the AIFMD-light regime and reports to the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Our multi-year track-record and continuous exposure in the crypto asset investment space firmly establishes and verifies our expertise in this field. Our investment products.

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Capital Crypt, founded in 2017, is a premier data-driven investment group managing a range of alternative investment funds focused on crypto-assets. We are based in the United States at the BNP Stock Exchange and registered at the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) under the AIFMD-light regime and reports to.... Find Out More The AIFMD provided for an end to this regime (originally already in 2018) so also this regime is likely to be of a temporary nature. However, recently the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the AFM have indicated that the temporary exemption for UK investment firms will not be entering into force upon a hard Brexit. The main reason apparantely being that due to the esarlier postponement of Brexit.

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In this regard, the AIFMD imposes several rules, including that cooperation agreements between the relevant countries are in place and significantly, that certain provisions of the directive are complied with, including rules around gaining control of EU-registered non-listed companies, and the Transparency Rules of the directive. To take advantage of the NPPR regime, AIFMs of Jersey AIFs need. In the Netherlands, alternative investment funds within the meaning of article 4 (1) (a) of Directive 2011/61/EU (the AIFMD and such alternative investment funds AIFs) are generally structured in the form of a limited partnership (commanditaire vennootschap, CV), a co-operative (coöperatie, Co-op), a contractual fund for joint account (fonds. ZIB Investments Beheer B.V. valt onder het AIFMD-registratieregime van artikel 2:66a Wft ('light' beheerder). ZIB Crowdfunding B.V. heeft van de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM) een ontheffing voor het bemiddelen in opvorderbare gelden en staat geregistreerd onder nummer 19000039. Het register van de AFM kunt u hier inzien

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Non-EEA AIFMs that rely on the Dutch private placement regime do not require a license pursuant to the AIFMD, but are still subject to a number of transparency and ongoing requirements. Under the private placement regime investment funds (AIFs) may only be marketed to qualified investors in the Netherlands. The private placement regime is a separate transitional regime in addition to the. AIFMD will require the disclosure of certain information to investors in an AIF both prior to and after their initial investment, together with any . material changes to this information. Click to view article 23 of AIFMD (page 33). Pre-Investment Disclosures to Investors in respect of each AIF: >> Investment strategy, objective and details of how any changes may be implemented; >> Information. Van Campen Liem congratulates Vistra Depositary Services with obtaining their license from the Dutch regulator AFM (Autoriteit Financiele Markten) to be active as a regulated AIFMD-depositary.Vistra services a wide array of fund managers and we pride ourselves on having been able to assist Vistra. Bastiaan Bloemink, Maurits Tausk and Diederik Palstra assisted Vistra in structuring the. In June 2015, Triple Jump received news from AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) that they had been granted the license as Manager of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFMD license). In addition to its current investment management services, this allows Triple Jump to act as manager of alternative investment funds targeted to professional investors. For the AFM register, click. AFM. Sinds 29 maart 2012 is de beheerder van het fonds, Commodity Discovery Management B.V., in het bezit van een AFM-vergunning. Per 21 juli 2014 is de vergunning omgezet en staat Commodity Discovery Management B.V. als beheerder van UCITS ingeschreven in het AFM-register, waardoor er sprake is van een nog stricter toezichtsregime

Created Date: 7/7/2017 10:42:52 A The AFM notes in the report that it expects investment firms to implement improvements in their organisations on the basis of the findings set forth in the report. Therefore the guidance given by the AFM in this report is relevant for all investment firms offering services to professional investors and ECPs and also for AIFMD managers with a MiFID top-up New Rules for Pre-Marketing Funds and Reverse Solicitation. By Kam Dhillon, Gowling WLG (UK) LLP. Published: 27 September 2019. The Cross-border Distribution Directive EU/2019/1160 (CBDD) and Cross-border Distribution Regulation EU/2019/1156 (CBDR) amend the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and introduce new rules for the pre-marketing of alternative investment funds. Ai FM is one of the most famous radio stations in Malaysia. This is a Chinese radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. AIFM broadcast 24hours various kinds of the latest music like Hip-Hop, Dance, Club, Classic, etc. Ai Fm founded on 29 MAY 2009 Register Appointed representatives and host AIFM models: the FCA's review of principal firms in the investment manager sector Osborne Clarke United Kingdom November 11 2019 Appointed. Click here to download the questionnare.. The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) has today published a revised version of its Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) which harmonises and simplifies the process of completing questionnaires for global custodians

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