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In mathematics, especially in set theory, two ordered sets X and Y are said to have the same order type if they are order isomorphic, that is, if there exists a bijection f: X → Y {\displaystyle f\colon X\to Y} such that both f and its inverse are monotonic. In the special case when X is totally ordered, monotonicity of f implies monotonicity of its inverse. For example, the set of integers and the set of even integers have the same order type, because the mapping n ↦ 2 n. These three basic order types can be combined to create more complex orders such as stop-limit and market-if-touched. The Basics of Placing Orders A single order is either a buy order or a sell order, and that will have to be specified regardless of the type of order being placed Types of orders can be for intraday or carry-forward trade. In Intraday, the positions are squared off within the same trading session and in carry-forward trade, either delivery is taken or the position is carried forward to a later date (Futures and Options). There are different types of orders for trading

The broker simulates certain order types (for example, stop or conditional orders). Simulated order types may be used in cases where an exchange does not offer an order type, to provide clients with a uniform trading experience or in cases where the broker does not offer a certain order type offered natively by an exchange. While simulated orders offer substantial control opportunities, they may be subject to performance issue of third parties outside of our control, such as market data. An order type includes a variety of control information that is important for managing orders. Each order must be assigned to an order type that passes certain parameters onto the order. Order types are client-independent, in other words, each order type can be used in all controlling areas. If it has not already been defined in the system, create the internal order type CUIA (CU internal.

Order types. Order. types. Price terminology. Market and limit orders. Stop loss orders. Stop loss limit orders. Take profit orders. Take profit limit orders Types of Sales Orders Cash Sales. This is defined as an order type, where the customer places an order, picks up the order and pays for the goods. In this order type, delivery of the order is executed immediately, when the order has been entered. Cash invoice and billing can be printed immediately from the order. No receivables are entered for customer as invoice amount is paid in cash and directly entered to a cash account Order types are nothing but the keys which is used while creating production orders. Order types are created using the transaction code OPJH. Uses: 1.Different order types can be assigned with different number ranges for differentiating different process,say rework order,external order,internal processing etc

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  1. Additional Stock Order Types Stop-Loss Order. A stop-loss order is also referred to as a stopped market, on-stop buy, or on-stop sell, this is one of... Stop-Limit Order. These are similar to stop-loss orders, but as their name states, there is a limit on the price at... All or None (AON). This type.
  2. 3 Order Types: Market, Limit and Stop Orders. Different order types can result in vastly different outcomes; it's important to understand the distinctions among them. Here we focus on three main order types: market orders, limit orders, and stop orders —how they differ and when to consider each. It helps to think of each order type as a distinct.
  3. ation in the various trading forms • Market orders • Limit orders
  4. The order type, order reference, order date, discount, price, price type and net data are usually set automatically by the invoicing process using the order specifications and the pool data
  5. al allows to prepare requests and request the broker for execution of trading operations. Moreover, ter
  6. A TT Order Type order is a synthetic order that manages the submission and execution of other orders in the market. TT Order Types provide more robust order execution functionality than exchanges support natively. They offer order types not supported by exchanges or provide more options than exchange-native order types provide. TT Order Types offer the following features
  7. But there are set of Standard PM Order Types as used in most companies: General Maintenance order Regular Maintenance order Preventive Maintenance order Predictive Maintenance order Calibration order Investment order Breakdown Maintenance order Investment order Surveillance order Refurbishment order . kr, Gabrie

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This type of order can help you save time: place a buy order as your primary order and a corresponding sell limit, sell stop, or sell trailing stop at the same time. Or, if you trade options regularly, use an OTO order to leg into a buy-write or covered-call position. Trailing stop orders are available for either or both legs of the OTO. Security type: Any combination of stock and/or single. Here are some the basic order types: A market order instructs the brokerage to complete the order at the next available price. Market orders have no specific price and are generally always.

Orders are the core of electronic trading. As a result, understanding various order types is an important first step in learning to trade. In this article, the function and significance of 3 basic order types are outlined: Limit Orders Stop-Market Orders Stop-Limit Orders WATCH this 2 minute video for an introduction to these order [ Item category TAN is selected for standard orders (order type TA). Für Terminaufträge (Auftragsart TA) wird der Positionstyp TAN ausg ewählt. If the Quantity field in the Work Order is positive, the system creat es a standard Prod uc tion Order type, and the planned quantity remains similar to the Work Order quantity int OrderType(); Returned value. Order operation type of the currently selected order. It can be any of the following values: OP_BUY - buy order, OP_SELL - sell order, OP_BUYLIMIT - buy limit pending order, OP_BUYSTOP - buy stop pending order, OP_SELLLIMIT - sell limit pending order Sales Order Document Types. In standard SAP SD, there are many Sales Order Types having their own functionality to represent the different business processes. Following broadly are the standard sales order document types: Standard Order; Contract; Cash Sales; Rush Order; Free of Charge Delivery; Returns; Consignment Order; Credit Memo Request; Debit Memo Reques Accordingly, purchase orders can be created for different types of procurement. The type of procurement can be maintained in a field that is known as item category as shown below. For different procurement types, there are four types of purchase orders, which are as follows − . Subcontracting Purchase Order; Consignment Purchase Order; Stock Transfer Purchase Order; Service Purchase Order.

In this stock market order types tutorial, we discuss the four most common order types you need to know for buying and selling stocks: market order, limit or.. Stock Order Types: Limit Orders, Market Orders, and Stop Orders - YouTube. Stock Order Types: Limit Orders, Market Orders, and Stop Orders. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to.

Order Types. Limit; Limit (Order Book) Market; Stop; Stop-Limit; Trailing Stop; Fill or Kill; Immediate or Cancel; Scaled order (video) Additionally, you can match your orders types with the available order options: Order Options. One Cancels Other (OCO) (video) Hidden; Visible on Hit; Post-Only Limit; Reduce-only; Time in force (TIF) Limit. A limit order is one of the most basic order types. It allows the traders to specify an amount and price they are able and willing to buy or sell Chapter Order of Subject, Object and Verb. by Matthew S. Dryer. 1. Six types with dominant order. This map shows the ordering of subject, object, and verb in a transitive clause, more specifically declarative clauses in which both the subject and object involve a noun (and not just a pronoun), as in the English sentence in (1) An order is an instruction to buy or sell on a trading venue such as a stock market, bond market, commodity market, financial derivative market or cryptocurrency exchange.These instructions can be simple or complicated, and can be sent to either a broker or directly to a trading venue via direct market access.There are some standard instructions for such orders Order Types. An order to buy or sell that is to be executed immediately upon entry at the best available quoted price. An order to buy or sell at a specified price (limit price) or better. Limit Orders are displayed at the limit price. A cross order is a two-sided order with both a buy and sell component combined that displays and trades at a.

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Order Types. In this section, you will find articles and videos that go over the various order types that can be found within the thinkorswim platform. Click the links above for articles or the playlist below for videos. Order Types: What They Mean: Market: Seeks execution at the next available price. Limit: Seeks execution at the price you specify or better. Stop: Indicates you want your stop. Discretionary Peg (D-Peg) is a non-displayed order type that is priced at the less aggressive of one (1) Minimum Price Variant (MPV, $0.01 for most stocks) lower (higher) than the NBB (NBO) for buy (sell) orders or the order's limit price. D-Peg orders passively rest on the IEX order book while seeking to access liquidity at a more aggressive price up to the midpoint of the National Best Bid. Some order types, like take profit and stop loss can be combined, it is important that you understand how to choose the best order types for your trading strategy. MARKET ORDERS. A market order is executed immediately when placed. It is priced using the current spot, or market price. A market order immediately becomes an open position and subject to fluctuations in the market. This means that. This order type is not intended for speculating on the far touch moving away after submission - we consider such behaviour abusive and monitor for it. Two peg types are available: PrimaryPeg - price is set relative to the near touch price. MarketPeg - price is set relative to the far touch price. See the API Explorer for complete documentation on the Pegged order type. Pegged Order Examples. Notices, fees, rules, calendars, forms and order types for our markets. Trader Updates. Announcements and market updates for our trading community. Market Status. System status alerts for our market community. Trading Halts. Current and historical regulatory halts (news pending/news dissemination and LULD. Market Reports . View market quality, program trading, rule 605 and other reports. NYSE.

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Cash App Investing offers several Order Types. Standard Order Standard order that will be placed immediately Custom Order Custom Bitcoin Orders allow you to automatically buy or sell Bitcoin at your selected price if it hits your selected price. Custom Purchase Orders can be used to buy Bitcoin if its price falls or to catch the wave if the. Order type defined in the Production scheduling Profile assigned to the Production scheduler (OPJ9) Order type defined in the Plant Parameter (OPPQ) Order Type defined in the MRP Group Parameters (OPPR) hope, this information helps to understand the Order type selection for production orders. Alert Moderator ; Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts. Related Questions / 3 Comments . You must be. Type Description; type=1 The list items will be numbered with numbers (default) type=A The list items will be numbered with uppercase letters: type=a The list items will be numbered with lowercase letters: type=I The list items will be numbered with uppercase roman numbers: type=i The list items will be numbered with lowercase roman.

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SAP MM - Purchase Order Types Subcontracting Purchase Order. In subcontracting, the vendor (the subcontractor) receives components from the ordering... Consignment Purchase Order. In consignment, material is available at the organization store premises, however it still... Stock Transfer Purchase. Order Types Market Order. A market order is an order to buy or sell at the best available price. For example, the bid price for... Limit Order. A limit order is an order placed to either buy below the market or sell above the market at a certain price. Stop Entry Order. A stop order stops an order. Certain types of traders are not required to mark their orders as short, irrespective of their position (long or short) at the time of order entry. Instead, their orders (buys, sells, and crosses) are designated as Short Marking Exempt via the SME tag. The SME tag is indicative only, and has no effect on how the order interacts with the order book. All other traders, when entering a Short Sell.

The Stop order type is an order which, when accepted, does not immediately go on the book, but must be triggered by a trade in the market the price level submitted with the order. There are two types of Stop order: the Stop-Limit, which goes on the book as a Limit order when activated, and the Stop with Protection, which goes on the book as a Market order. Stop Order Notes. The stop order's. When an order line of any type is created and it has no site provided, Supply Chain Management searches for a rule with no site specified. This helps to determine a default site on the order line. This site is then used to search for a site-specific rule, where a default warehouse may have been set. This warehouse is applied to the order line. Specific order settings for product dimension. You. Purchase order: Use this type to create POs when orders are confirmed with a vendor, and as the orders are processed through receipt and invoicing before payment is made to the vendor. This type of PO is the most common. Returned order: Use this type when you return goods to the vendor. This type of order requires that you specify the return material authorization (RMA) number that the vendor.

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B.1.1 Define Order types: An Internal order is created under an Order type. An order type is used for storing various control parameters and various defaults while creating an Internal Order. The order type is client-specific, which means that every order type can be used in all controlling areas. A number range is assigned to the internal. Purchasing Document Type BSART. The Document Type EKKO-BSART differentiates between the different kinds of requisition and purchases order in the SAP system.. The order type controls the number assignment for a purchase order, for example, and determines which fields you must maintain.. The reference table for Document Type is T161 . The Document Type are a subdivision of Document Category Stop Orders. Stop orders allow customers to buy or sell when the price reaches a specified value, known as the stop price. This order type helps traders protect profits, limit losses, and initiate new positions. To place a stop limit order: Select the STOP tab on the Orders Form section of the Trade View. Choose whether you'd like to Buy or Sell Order type : Update the 4 digits key that defines as order types for maintenance, and update the descriptive text of an order type. Settlement Profile : Update the settlement profile with the key 40 (Maintenance Order). Budget Profile : Choose the appropriate budget profile key from drop down list. Screen Object : Choose the screen object key by choosing drop down list. After maintaining all.

How to create purchase order types in SAP SD. In SAP, Purchase order types are parameters that the customers uses to place a order in an organization using various transmission services like Phone, E-mail, etc.. Purpose of Configuration. In this activity you define a 4 character key that specifies the transmission method that the customers uses to place orders into an organization The order type placed with a Trailing Stop is Market. All the characteristics of the Market order are then applicable. (e.g. there are no price controls in a Market order; no guaranteed specific execution price and the trade can execute significantly away from its stop price.) A buy trailing stop order releases a Market order to buy the security at the best price currently available in the.

Different Types of Purchase Orders. A purchase order (PO) is an official document generated by a buyer of goods/services as an offer for the seller. It becomes a legal document of contract once the seller accepts the purchase order. There are mainly 4 different types of purchase orders This policy is used only for market orders (ORDER_TYPE_BUY and ORDER_TYPE_SELL), limit and stop limit orders (ORDER_TYPE_BUY_LIMIT, ORDER_TYPE_SELL_LIMIT, ORDER_TYPE_BUY_STOP_LIMIT and ORDER_TYPE_SELL_STOP_LIMIT ) and only for the symbols with Market or Exchange execution. In case of partial filling a market or limit order with remaining volume is not canceled but processed further. For the. Upload post-types-order folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin from Admin > Plugins menu. Once activated you should check with Settings > Post Types Order. Use Re-Order link which appear into each post type section or use default WordPress interface to make your sorting If the order close time equals to 0, the order is open or pending and taken from the terminal open orders list. One can distinguish an opened order from a pending order by the order type. If the order close time does not equal to 0, the order is a closed order or a deleted pending order and was selected from the terminal history. They also differ from each other by their order types. The. There are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, its own specific traits, desires and attitude towards life and people.By analyzing the projection of the position of planets, and the Sun and the Moon on the Ecliptic at the moment of birth. Astrology can give us a glimpse of a person's basic characteristics, preferences, flaws and fears

Make-to-order production is controlled by the requirements type. The requirements type is determined on the basis of the MRP group (MRP1) and the strategy group (MRP3) in the material master record. In addition, a plant must be assigned for make-to-order items in the sales order Order Type Mapping. Sana complies with any individual business process flow. In a Sana web store customers can create quotations, sales orders and return orders. They can even create quotations and then convert them into sales orders directly from a Sana web store. All business scenarios are supported by Sana. Use the /SANAECOM/: Order Type Mapping Sana admin table to set up sales document. Internal orders are4 types. 1. Over head orders. 2. Profitability orders. 3. Investment orders. 4. Production orders. Upvote (1) Downvote (0) Reply (1) Answer added by Mahmoud Habeeb, Package Solution Consultant S/4HANA Finance , IBM - Egypt 5 years ago . You can create an internal order to monitor the costs of a time-restricted job or the costs (and revenues, if required) for the production. On Types Description; orderedItem: Order or OrderItem: The item ordered. Examples. Example 1. Copied. No Markup Microdata RDFa JSON-LD Structure. Example notes or example HTML without markup. An example of an order for multiple items, shipped separately. ACME Supplies Customer: Jane Doe Order: Item abc123: 1 Widget: delivered 2015-03-10 Item def456: 3 Widget accessories: shipped 2015-03-12.

Sales Order Idoc Simplified. The goal of this document is to provide field level details for Sales Order ( SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT202) idoc, used to load Sales Order in SAP ECC. We understand that data in SAP are stored in SAP tables, with specific field requirement like data type and Length of field. Often it's difficult to memorize the. In order to maximize compatibility between SQLite and other database engines, and so that the example above will work on SQLite as it does on other SQL database engines, SQLite supports the concept of type affinity on columns. The type affinity of a column is the recommended type for data stored in that column. The important idea here is that the type is recommended, not required. Any column. Cash sales is a special order type available in SAP to handle those business scenarios where the customer places the order, pays for the goods, and receives the delivery at the same time. An example of this business process would be an over-the-counter sale. Process. You create cash sales using transaction code VA01. Once you save the sales document type, SAP automatically creates the delivery. Order, also called order of architecture, any of several styles of classical or Neoclassical architecture that are defined by the particular type of column and entablature they use as a basic unit. A column consists of a shaft together with its base and its capital. The column supports a section of an entablature, which constitutes the upper horizontal part of a classical building and is. Type of Order: Definition: Advantages: Disadvantages: Market: An order to buy or sell an ETF at the market's current best available price. Typically ensures immediate execution. Order may get filled at different prices and times, especially in fast moving markets. Limit: An order to buy or sell an ETF with a restriction on the maximum price to be paid or the minimum price to be received.

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Different Types of SQL JOINs. Here are the different types of the JOINs in SQL: (INNER) JOIN: Returns records that have matching values in both tables; LEFT (OUTER) JOIN: Returns all records from the left table, and the matched records from the right table; RIGHT (OUTER) JOIN: Returns all records from the right table, and the matched records from the left tabl Built-in Types ¶ The following sections describe the standard types that are built into the interpreter. However, the return type of the result may depend on the order of operands. Note. The methods on bytes and bytearray objects don't accept strings as their arguments, just as the methods on strings don't accept bytes as their arguments. For example, you have to write: a = abc b. Data Types: double | single | int8 | int16 | int32 | int64 | uint8 | uint16 | uint32 | uint64 | logical Complex Number Support: Yes. dim — Dimension to operate along positive integer scalar. Dimension to operate along, specified as a positive integer scalar. If no value is specified, then the default is the first array dimension whose size does not equal 1. Consider a two-dimensional input.

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  1. XPathResult.booleanValue Read only A boolean representing the value of the result if resultType is BOOLEAN_TYPE. XPathResult.invalidIteratorState Read only Signifies that the iterator has become invalid. It is true if resultType is UNORDERED_NODE_ITERATOR_TYPE or ORDERED_NODE_ITERATOR_TYPE and the document has been modified since this result was returned..
  2. An ordered collection (also known as a sequence). The user of this interface has precise control over where in the list each element is inserted. The user can access elements by their integer index (position in the list), and search for elements in the list. Unlike sets, lists typically allow duplicate elements. More formally, lists typically allow pairs of elements e1 and e2 such that e1.
  3. Use the CREATE INDEX statement to create an index on: One or more columns of a table, a partitioned table, an index-organized table, or a cluster. An index is a schema object that contains an entry for each value that appears in the indexed column (s) of the table or cluster and provides direct, fast access to rows
  4. Order types & how they work. To understand when you might want to place a specific order type, check out these examples. POINTS TO KNOW. There are 4 ways you can place orders on most stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds), depending on how much market risk you're willing to take. Invest carefully during volatile markets. Traders may not be able to quickly match buyers and sellers to execute.
  5. Trade Order Types Day and GTC Orders. An order is canceled either when it is executed or at the end of a specific time period. A day order... Limit Orders. Limit orders are placed to guarantee you will not sell a stock for less than the limit price, or buy for... Stop-loss Orders. A stop-loss order,.

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  1. Purchase Order Types Standard Purchase Orders. You generally create standard purchase orders for one-time purchase of various items. You... Blanket Purchase Agreements. You create blanket purchase agreements when you know the detail of the goods or services... Blanket Releases. You can issue a.
  2. Types of Order Picking Methods in the Warehouse. There are many different types of picking in a warehouse and each one works as a customized solution for each business. Depending on the size of your warehouse and inventory, the manpower you have on hand, and the number of customer orders made each day, there may be certain methods that are more efficient for you than others. Consider the.
  3. Schema.org Type: Order - An order is a confirmation of a transaction (a receipt), which can contain multiple line items, each represented by an Offer that has been accepted by the customer
  4. On Types Description; orderedItem: Order or OrderItem: The item ordered. Examples. Example 1. Copied. No Markup Microdata RDFa JSON-LD Structure. Example notes or example HTML without markup. An example of an order for multiple items, shipped separately. ACME Supplies Customer: Jane Doe Order: Item abc123: 1 Widget: delivered 2015-03-10 Item def456: 3 Widget accessories: shipped 2015-03-12.
  5. Configure a New Production Order Type. As the business progress and expand, there will be a need to create new production type so as to track the different type of production order that have been created. For e.g. your company may want to know what how many rework order, prototype order or other order types have been created in the SAP system

An Order of Architecture is a set of rules or principles for designing buildings — similar to today's building code. Five Classical orders, three Greek and two Roman, comprise the types of columns we use even in today's architecture. In Western-based architecture, anything called classical means it's from the civilizations of ancient Greece. But higher order types, or type constructors could have a kind signature of * -> *. The ability of having higher kinds defines a type constructor. Types: Finally of course I believe this term signifies a reification of our type constructors as a first class type that can be manipulated using the same tools that we manipulate normal * proper. Conditional sentences - type I. Conditional sentences - type II. Conditional sentences - type III. if I were you or if I was you. Mixed conditionals. Real and unreal conditionals, Modals and position of if-clauses. Replacing if - Omitting if - if vs. when - in case vs. if. will and would in if-clauses

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To utilize all of the features needed to place an order, please update to a newer version of Internet Explorer or by using the Google Chrome browser.. Or you can use. The order of application is incredibly important, says Dr. Rogers. The skin's job is to keep things out, but many of the skin care products we use have ingredients we want to get in. Only a very small amount of these key ingredients can penetrate the skin, even when perfectly formulated and perfectly applied. If you don't apply products in the correct order, you will not see the. Order-specific discounts. A seller may be running a special deal on certain inventory items, or for all items but during a restricted period of time. In either case, a discount is applied to a specific order. If the discount is only for certain inventory items, then the discount is restricted to specific line items within the customer order

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Types of custody orders. There are two kinds of child custody: Legal custody, which means who makes important decisions for your children (like health care, education, and welfare), and ; Physical custody, which means who your children live with. Legal custody can be: Joint, where both parents share the right and responsibility to make the important decisions about the health, education, and. Word Order in English Sentences. In the English language there are no different forms for subjects and objects. To keep subject and object apart, however, we have to stick to the word order In order to help them and Hakuno in the final battle, even if just a little, Rin Tohsaka redirected all the power that had been previously protecting the school building to stop BB and the Alter Egos from entering, and all the resources that comprised the building to them, to further empower them. By the point they finally faced BB, their power had been increased to the same rank as hers. Thus.

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Order definition, an authoritative direction or instruction; command; mandate. See more This order cancels FAA Order JO 7360.1D, Aircraft Type Designators, on the effective date of this order. 1-5. Distribution. This order is distributed to selected offices in Washington headquarters, service area offices, regional offices, the William J. Hughes Technical Center, the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, all air traffic field facilities, international aviation field offices, and.

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Understand how structured data works. Google Search works hard to understand the content of a page. You can help us by providing explicit clues about the meaning of a page to Google by including structured data on the page In order to make it easy for the Web to know when a work is available under a Creative Commons license, we provide a machine readable version of the license — a summary of the key freedoms and obligations written into a format that software systems, search engines, and other kinds of technology can understand. We developed a standardized way to describe licenses that software can. Date, Time, Location and Pickup type information is stored in the Order meta ; Delivery type, Delivery date / Pickup Date, Delivery time / Pickup time and Pickup location selected by the user are shown on: Order success page; Order email; Order details shown on the backend to the admin; Invoice Pdf generated by using plugin WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips * Same day / Next day. A movement type is a three-digit identification key for agoods movement. The following table contains examples of movement types.Description of Movement TypesBelow you will find a short description of the standard movement types. The reversal movementtype is the movement type + 1 (reversal of 101 = 102).101 Goods receipt for purchase order or.

Types of restraining orders. There are 4 kinds of orders you can ask for: Domestic Violence Restraining Order ; Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order; Civil Harassment Restraining Order ; Workplace Violence Restraining Order . Domestic Violence Restraining Order You can ask for a domestic violence restraining order if: Someone has abused you, and ; You have a close relationship with. Type the heading Order Form in cell B2; Format the heading font and font size; Make column A quite narrow, e.g. Width 1.00 (13 pixels) In cell E2, enter this formula, to show the current date: =TODAY() Format the date cell -- this example has day-Month; In cells B9 to E9, enter the column headings: Product, Price, Qty, Total ; Select cells B9 to E14 and apply the All Borders option from the.

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rrset-order defines the order in which multiple records of the same type are returned. This works for any record type in which the records are similar not just A or AAAA RRs and covers results in the ANSWER SECTION and the ADDITIONAL SECTION. The default is cyclic (round-robin). The full specification of rrset-order is shown below. An 'order_spec' is defined as: class class_name ][ type type. 4.3 Types of Prerequisites. There are actually two different types of prerequisites understood by GNU make: normal prerequisites such as described in the previous section, and order-only prerequisites. A normal prerequisite makes two statements: first, it imposes an order in which recipes will be invoked: the recipes for all prerequisites of a target will be completed before the recipe for the. You can also use the SQL ORDER BY clause to sort by relative position in the result set, where the first field in the result set is 1, the second field is 2, the third field is 3, and so on. In this example, we have a table called products with the following data: product_id. product_name

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Taxonomies and Post Types Two major building blocks in the WordPress environment are taxonomies and post types. Taxonomy. A grouping of post types, such as categories and tags. Post types. With post types, WordPress creates a distinction in different content types. For example, by default WordPress has different post types for posts, pages, media, etc. WooCommerce Taxonomie

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