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BitcoinTalk. New BitcoinTalk - no ads, no smm, no other spammers. New BitcoinTalk Home Altcoins | Alternative Cryptocurrencies Announcements Bounties General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Moderator: hilariousandco. 2339142 Posts Bitcointalk Bounty Campaign - Google Sheets. Some fonts could not be loaded. Try reloading when you're online. Dismiss. Something went wrong. Reload. Some Excel features can't be displayed in Google Sheets and will be dropped if you make changes. View details. The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported

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List of Bounty Campaigns on Bitcointalk - Bl4nkcode. Sponsored: ExpressVPN - Stay safe online using VPN. Protect your privacy and security with ExpressVPN. Sponsored Ad New BitcoinTalk - no ads, no smm, no other spammers New BitcoinTalk Home Local Русский (Russian) Заработок Bounty and Airdrop Bounty and Airdro Crypto Bounty Review website brings you every latest and verified cryptocurrency projects, honest review and provide Bitcointalk & Altcointalk bounty

General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Moderator: hilariousandco. 2352947 Posts With BountyPlatform, you can save resources and time. Our system is able to check signatures and messages on the forum bitcointalk.org, scan posts/shares/likes from social networks (we use official API), check sponsored links on member sites, analyze duplicates and duration of placement of links. Start now Re: [Bounty] RushMars 50,000 RMARS Reward Pool 4 weeks by Baskeyairdrop (Bounties (Altcoins)) Today at 09:50:08 PM: Re: Are meme tokens dangerous or moon by hatshepsut93 (Altcoin Discussion) Today at 09:49:49 PM: Re: Bitcointalk Tippspiel 'EURO 2020 ' sponsored by Bitcasino.io! by Unknown01 (Deutsch (German)) Today at 09:49:44 P

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  1. . Forum. Announcements Cryptocurrrency launch announcements and official cryptocurrency announcement threads Moderator: Ad
  2. As stated in Bounty0x- A decentralized platform for Bounty hunters bitcointalk is a forum created originally to support the development of bitcoin but later became a forum for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. On the forums there are separate rooms and there are rules that guide each room that you need to know and follow. On bitcointalk there are levels that are awarded to you for your contribution to the platform. You start from being a newbie or fresh member, to junior member.
  3. The following is a list of bounty campaigns at BitCointalk on May-June 2019. You can earn free cryptocurrency or tokens for participate bounty programs. In the following list, all the bounty programs have the cryptocat team reviewed and made sure the project is legit. But you need to review the project, so that your work is not in vain
  4. BitcoinTalk Bounty. Write a constructive post or give a report in our official BlockStamp thread. Vloggers Bounty. Publish an original video about BlockStamp. Partner Program . Recommend participation in the BlockStamp Bounty Campaign to your friend. Twitter Bounty. Follow, share, or comment on our official Twitter account. Medium Bounty. Applaud, share, or comment on our Medium content.

In Koura Bitcointalk Signature Promoting and Thread Post Bounty, hunters are rewarded KOURA by promoting us on the Bitcointalk forum and for wearing the appropriate BitcoinTalk signature, corresponding with rank. Also by writing positive posts about KOURA in the Koura Bitcointalk thread. Rewards. 1 KOURA= $1 at STO price The steps to follow are very simple and quite easy.1. Sign up an account on bitcointalk.org2. Find a bounty program to join3. Do your own research.4. Decide. ICO Bounty campaigns listing - active Bounty programs and Bounty campaigns with review, sorted by Bounty type.| Bounty listing

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Và việc làm bounty này tốn chi phí là bao nhiêu? Về tiền, bạn không cần bỏ ra một xu nào. Nhưng về sức, bạn phải bỏ ra một ngày vài tiếng, chắc chắn rồi. Ở trong series này chúng ta cùng nhau (nhớ là cùng nhau nhé) làm bounty trên bitcointalk How to Join a Crypto Bounty Campaign on the Bitcointalk Forum . By now, you're probably familiar with the term bounty hunter as it applies to the world of cryptocurrency.In you're not, a crypto bounty hunter is someone who simply performs a task or series of tasks for the end goal of being rewarded a sum of coins or tokens of the project they are helping Um sich für die Bitcointalk Signature Campaign anzumelden, müssen Sie uns nur Ihre Bitcointalk Id in der Bounty Area mitteilen. Jede vollendete Woche bringt Ihnen die folgenden Stakes ein: Legendary/ Hero : 20 Stakes; Sr./ Full : 15 Stakes; Bedingungen um Stakes in dieser Kategorie zu verdienen: Konstruktive Beiträge pro Woche Minimum ; Wenn Sie sich bewerben, definieren wir Ihren Rang, der. Bitcointalk Signature Campaigns - These are open to members of the Bitcointalk forum. They need simply to add the official ICO signature to their profiles. The number of stakes received depends on the ranking of the participants. Usually, only the members who have a Jr. Member rank or above on this forum can participate in such events. Translation Campaigns - This bounty consists of.

> BitcoinTalk Signature bounty participants list. 30%* of the bounty pool is to be allocated to the Steemit & Blog campaign. Terms: Write an article about SocialX on Steemit.com or on your own Blog and you will receive stakes depending on the size of the article and the number of readers. Every submission will be rated individually, but you can use the following tables as a reference: Size. Das UnitedCrowd Bounty-Programm. Insgesamt reservieren wir 12.500.000 UCT für die Teilnehmer unseres Bounty-Programms. Das entspricht einem Wert von 250.000€, die wir an all diejenigen in Token auszahlen, die uns bei unserem IEO unterstützen! Unser Bounty-Programm bietet dir dabei 6 Möglichkeiten um mit wenigen Schritten Token zu verdienen artikel crypto, bitcointalk bounty, bounty bitcoin, cara mendapatkan airdrop, cara mendapatkan airdrop coin, udap bounty Admin April 16, 2021. Cara Mencari Bounty Terbaik. Bounty adalah istilah digital dalah dunia online yang menawarkan reward untuk berpartisipasi dalam sebuah program [] artikel crypto, bitcointalk bounty, bounty bitcoin, bounty hunter indonesia, cara daftar myetherwallet. Total Bounty coins - 5000 PKOINPrice per PKOIN - $7.00. Please follow the Official Telegram group of Power Corp Bounty to ask all your queries and questions related to our bounty campaign. Please do not send direct messages to Admin asking questions here on Bitcointalk We're launching our Bounty Reward Program and giving away $200,000 USDT Get started. Open in app. 13.1K Followers. About. Sign in. Get started. 13.1K Followers. About. Get started. Open in app. ⚡Merlin — $200,000 USDT Bounty Reward Program⚡. Merlin Lab. May 13 · 6 min read. ⚠️ This bounty program officially ends on 4:00 am UTC 18 June 2021 ⚠️. Merlin is an auto-compounding.

Corum8 will manage airdrop and Bounty campaigns for your Cryptocurrency projects. The package includes: Creation of official Bitcointalk ANN thread for the project. Sending invitations to join the Chat among the biggest Telegram crypto and blockchain chats. Creation of structure of bounty campaign based on projects' tokens allocation for bounty Bitcointalk Bounty. Bitcointalk ANN thread. Github. Blog. Key Features. Thank you, investors and future users, for your valuable support to BFEX. We appreciate your trust and opportunity for us to develop a platform that will tremendously impact those whose lives are in need of new beginning. Decentralized Scoring to revolutionize the traditional financial accessibility limited by Credit.

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  1. We started BitcoinTalk Impleum Signature Bounty. You can earn up to 288 IMP per month. Terms and conditions: Only for BTT Jn.Members and up Make at least 15 posts each week during the campaign Posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section are required. Posts in any bounty thread will not count. Participants are rewarded according their rank
  2. If you have Telegram, you can view and join list bounty good right away. right away
  3. Bitcointalk Bounty thread #2; Bitcointalk ANN thread; To participate in CargoCoin's bounty hunter program, you need to fill in the short registration form. What we need to know about you as a bounty hunter is: your name (real of fictious), your e-mail address (for and contact purposes), your password to access your dashboard and most importantly you need to add all of your social media.
  4. To complement your bounty post on bitcointalk, your Twitter, Facebook, blog and website should all be equipped with an announcement of your bounty campaign. Besides bitcointalk, there are other.
  5. TYPE OF BOUNTY: Article Bitcointalk Username: Luguber17 Bitcointalk UserID: 1362518 Onion Wallet: DWxvduTSKpHiyihHMpoReUgirdfvtj13ni Link:..
  6. g simple actions aimed at the project popularization. Hurry up! Only the first 2500 participants get bonuses: that is 500 people, who submitted requests after reposting news in Facebook, 500 people in YouTube, 500 people in Twitter, 500 people in.
  7. The bounty campaign is a tool used by many ICO and blockchain projects during their fundraising campaigns to get more workforce by offering the project's virtual asset as reward for work. Our bounty list provides extensive information on bounty campaignes including the types of work, amounts of reward for each type of work and outside platforms used to run the bounty campaign

Bitcointalk. Rules: Participants have to be at least Jr. Member. Every participant must wear our avatar and personal text. And must be kept until the stakes have been calculated after the end of every week, otherwise you will not receive token rewards. Multiple accounts will be banned if spotted. Spam is not allowed. If it's found,participants will be banned from any other bounty campaign. Bounty thread creation + Publication on Bitcointalk: $300 (In MRC Form) Signature + Avatar Creation: $150 (In MRC Form) Full bounty program review + Moderation: $1500 (In MRC Form) Bitcointalk account upgrade: $100 (In MRC Form) Calculation of total stakes, calculation of stake vs. token, summation of individual tokens from all campaigns: $500. On BitcoinTalk, you can discover best bounty programs to earn a handsome amount of cryptocurrency which converted into bitcoins. There is a list of bounties on the dashboard of the forum where you can select one of your choices. For example, one of the above lists is selected to guide you. There are different proportions of rewards for respective different tasks. You can see this calendar of. Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=463761 A bounty program has been started which rewards BURST for users who generate YouTube videos about Burst, its mining software, and tools. Bi-Weekly Updates. The Bi-Weekly Burst Report will continue to be published and produced under the flag of the Burst Alliance. Mittelfristig; Core improvements Wallet Auto-Updater and Multi-Signature Verification. It is important that Burst nodes stay up to.

Một số Bounty thông dụng. Đặt chữ ký trên Bitcointalk; Viết bài giới thiệu dự án trên blog, medium. Follow, tweet trên Twitter. Dịch bài viết. Đăng bài trên Facebook. Đăng bài, follow trên Linked.In. Tìm các Bounty. Nơi đơn giản nhát để tìm các Bounty mới là trên diễn đàn Bitcointalk Hier ist unsere Liste der besten Kopfgeldkampagnen unter allen laufenden ICO-Projekten, die auf Neironix aufgeführt sind. Die Kopfgeldkampagne ist ein Werkzeug, das von vielen ICO- und Blockchain-Projekten während ihrer Fundraising-Kampagnen verwendet wird, um mehr Arbeitskräfte zu erhalten, indem das virtuelle Gut des Projekts als Belohnung für die Arbeit angeboten wird Bitcointalk ANN thread | Bitcointalk Bounty thread. Telegram group | Telegram channel. Exchange Listings: 4.5/5. 8.4/10. 4.20/5. 8.5/10. What is CargoCoin? The full scale scope of the project extends to all transport areas - shipping industry (containers, bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk), inland transportation (trucks, railways), air cargo (transportation by planes, drones, etc.), other types. Đầu tiên, bạn cần kiểm tra các Bounty đang có mặt trên Bitcointalk hay các sàn giao dịch điện tử. Hướng dẫn đầu tư ICO Bounty. Không phải lúc nào đầu tư ICO Bounty cũng hiệu quả. Bạn sẽ phải đầu tư công sức và thời gian nếu các token không thể trao đổi được, ICO không minh bạch, các nhà đầu tư không nhận.

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  1. Airdrop và Bounty là hai từ khóa mà thời gian gần đây chúng ta gặp cực nhiều trong các cộng đồng tiền điện tử (Facebook và Telegram). Về cơ bản thì Airdrop và Bounty là những chiến lược marketing của các dự án ICO nhằm tạo cộng đồng lớn mạnh cho dự án của họ. Khi [
  2. And you can change the address if you want, unlike most Bitcointalk bounty programs that I've used. once each program ends, the platform follows with the host. Each week they release status news for the ended programs. This way you know better when they will pay for your work. easier to evaluate if the payout will be decent and not peanuts. This makes my job really easy to select the projects.
  3. Bitcointalk Bounty forum, through our Promotional Partner Telegram or by emailing our Bounty Manager. (These notifications are ineligible for bounty rewards). 9. By participating, you agree to abide by any of the above rules and special rules. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility for bounty rewards. Register to Buy Shping Coins and claim your unique referral link which you can use in.
  4. bounty and airdrop program officially ended on the 16th of June, 2020. The deadline for all tasks was June 30th. Due to the overwhel

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Bitcointalk. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Bounty. What Is Max Supply? The best approximation of the maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency. *see Circulating Supply and Total Supply. Featured. Max Supply Articles . No articles found for Max Supply. Explore all articles. Join the thousands already learning crypto! Join our free newsletter for daily. A Bounty Hunter (influencer) is an individual that owns or manages a website or blog, as well as an account with a global social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram or VK. By creating content at the request of the bounty host (creates reviews, articles, news, shares, retweets, etc.), the Bounty Hunter receives a pre-defined. Airdrop và Bounty là hai từ khóa được lên sóng với tần suất dày đặc trong thời gian gần đây trên các cộng đồng tiền điện tử. Đây là hai chiến lược Marketing quan trọng được các nhà giao dịch trên các sàn tiền ảo uy tín trên thế giới quan tâm. Vậy thì sức hút của nó là gì mà mạnh mẽ đến vậy Hashbon Bounty campaign is worth 26,000,000 HASH tokens ( ~$ 1,300,000 ). Hashbon provides cryptocurrency payment services for business and individuals. The company was founded in 2016 and is continually striving to be the best in the business. At Hashbon they believe that they can make a fully-fledged crypto payment processing service with the.

BitcoinTalk Bounties. 250,000 NVTs will be awarded each week in our BitcoinTalk bounty based on each participant's share of the points earned during a week in the BitcoinTalk bounty category. The maximum points available per week is 500. At the end of the week, points are reset to zero ; imum 100 DYP, and total Bounty campaign Pool is worth 200. Bounty bonuses. Our activity events. Insurance Security. Competition Video review. Reviews video. contacts communication. Follow us. Get prizes for activity. Prizes from BitStil is an opportunity to get up to $100, for free by doing simple actions to promoting our company. We have prepared 4200 cash prizes. Each participant can receive up to six prizes, if he completes the task in each. The Propify Bounty program is designed to reward the Propify community for their contributed hard work and for the support of early contributors. There are 500 000 REAL ESTATE Tokens available fo

Padcoin Bounty - Latest PAD Bounty - Cryptoknowmics is the best cryptocurrency news website that provides news about Latest PAD Bounty , Bounty hunter BTC $39,678.73 -1.66% ETH $2,570.47 -1.89 Crypto - ON project is based on blockchain technology which aims to provide crypto related services to crypto enthusiasts. It is a complex peer to peer exchange as compared to normal exchange, designed to evolve into a full crypto DAO system. it can helps participants easily get into this platform their crypto tokens and also it can perform various transactions with a secure mode The latest posts from xPotato. Follow me at @xpotato. Hive: Communities Without Borders Bounty Program Bitcointalk Cryptocurrency . Bounty Program Bitcointalk . May 10, 2018 DTN Staff. twitter. pinterest. google plus. facebook. Nitro Token Ico | Tokenizing Video Games. Author: Topic: [BOUNTY][AIRDROP][CEBER FINANCE][BOUNTY POOL 300.000 CRT ~ 150 ETH] (Read 519 times

Siacoin bitcointalk bounty. Bounty campaign will be managed by Bounty Detective. 2. 200,000,000 STC tokens 2% of the total supply are to be divided according to the stakes accumulated amongst selected participants. 3. The Bounty budget 200,000,000 STC is equal to - 1,000,000 USD during the ICO start 1STC = 0,005 USD - 2,600,000 USD during the ICO end 1STC = 0,013. Siacoin price today, SC live. Bounty campaign will be managed by Bounty Detective. 2. 200,000,000 STC tokens (2% of the total supply) are to be divided according to the stakes accumulated amongst selected participants. 3. The Bounty budget 200,000,000 STC is equal to: - 1,000,000 USD during the ICO start (1STC = 0,005 USD) - 2,600,000 USD during the ICO end (1STC = 0,013 USD) 4. The Student Coin Bounty is in Phase II, the. • Bitcointalk Accounts: account must be created before March 23rd, 2018 and have a minimum of 10 posts. Any reddit or bitcointalk account created before March 23rd, 2018 with at least 20 comment karma/10 posts can vote. If your friends or family use reddit/bitcointalk, make sure to sure the voting thread links with them and have them vote for your project! How to vote. Post up to 3 projects.

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Bitcointalk bountyhive. Is the most complex and fully featured Blockchain Marketing & Bounty Platform, connecting ICOs & Bounty Hunters. We are here to eliminate all the issues an ICO goes through when launching a Bounty Campaign and make it easier for Bounty Hunters to complete their tasks, providing the means for building a strong and close community for your token sale Saya beri judul Dead Bounty on Bitcointalk karena saya sudah meninggalkan pekerjaan sebagai bounty hunter di forum Bitcointalk.org, tepatnya sejak Januari 2019. Pada tahun 2016, 2017 dan 2018, bounty adalah sebuah pekerjaan mudah yang bisa menghasilkan uang dengan nominal fantastis tanpa modal. Hanya dengan membagikan postingan ke facebook dan twitter saja, sobat bisa menghasilkan uang. Bitcointalk Signature Bounties; The bounties are released when the bounty hunter puts ICO signature code on Bitcointalk. It is a quick way to get stakes in the ICO. Translation Bounties; In this activity, bounty hunters translate the project into various regional languages such as Hindi, German, Dutch, etc. They need to translate key documents. Cindx bitcointalk bounty. Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto (also the founder of Bitcoin), Bitcointalk is a of them launch their bounty campaigns on Bitcointalk, while all trustworthy ICO. I was myself Bitcointalk Cindx unaware of these points of differences between the Bitcointalk Cindx two. Translation and Moderation Bounty Program Translation. Among all the technological changes, the social. Streamity bitcointalk bounty. Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections

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  1. Build your very own bounty network by using our open source smart contracts, Bounties API, and React UI components. Get Started. Get Started. Benefits of the bounties network. A Commitment to Fairness. We care deeply about both bounty issuers and fulfillers, and strive to balance power inequalities that sometimes arise on existing freelance marketplaces. A Global Pool of Talent . Members of.
  2. Bounty; blog; Telegram. BUY CUT: Play Market: Telegram Telegram Mail CONCEALED UNTRACEABLE TRANSACTIONS. CUT coin uses the latest advances in cryptography to allow anonymous transactions. CUTcoin: Buy CUT CUT tokens: CryptoNote Tokens. CNT-1 tokens. CUTcoin STAKING POOL. Best way to invest in crypto and earn is to join us. Take a look on roadmap. Read more guides about CUT universe. About us.
  3. Wear bitcointalk signature to get Tokpie bounty stakes Round #2 tradable for ETH and USDC on TOKPIE exchange. All checks bitcointalk altcoin bounty charges will be automatic. You can earn tokens by communicating in your favorite social networks and Bitcointalk forum, just by leaving links to accounts in your Bounty cabinet. We will track your activity, which is associated with the BCharity.
  4. Feb 15, 2018 - This form is only for https://bitcointalk.org/ entries. Please submit your BitcoinTalk activity report every Frida
  5. BOUNTY. Help us distribute this out to the world. 1% of IPG tokens will be distributed as part of our Bounty Campaign. 5% of IPG tokens will be distributed as a referral/affiliate bonuses. Sign up today to get your own personalized link and find out how to earn IPG. BITCOINTALK BOUNTY CAMPAIGN. BLOG. Recent Posts. Blockchain technology and IP May 9, 2021; IP.Gold maximizes monetization of IP.
  6. Ico bounty program bitcointalk. There are certain occasions where a company might make use of a bounty without the inclusion of an ICO, such as in the case of trying to find out important information. Earlier this year Binance, one of the leading trade exchanges, offered $250 000 USD in reward for the arrest of hackers involved in irregular.
  7. Bitcointalk Altcoin Bounty, aktiv best crypto investment may 2020 passiv aktien handeln, nejlepsi stranky s binarnimi moznostmi, berapa banyak uang yang dapat dilakukan oleh trader forex rata rata. I never knew about the possible differences between binary options trading and forex trading. However,.

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bitcointalk.org. 423. (20 reviews) (20 reviews) Site Rank: 1. Crypto forums are integral infrastructures in the crypto space, and this is true of Bitcointalk. The platform is reputable for being one of the most active forums where the crypto community discuss inexhaustible arrays of topics relating to cryptocurrency For most bounty programs, only people on Bitcointalk who are Jr. Members and above can participate. · Post-ICO Bounty Programs. At this point, the ICO has been completed and funds have been raised. Now, it's all about making improvements to the cryptocurrency projects based on community suggestions. Post-ICO bounty programs are aimed at improving feedback from the project community. Some of. Welcome to the Bitcointalk bounty program of Tutellus. Just 1 minute and you'll be inside :) empezar. press Enter ↵ Question 1. 1. Your Bitcointalk username This question is required. * Submit. press Ctrl + Enter ↵ OK. press Enter ↵ OK. Powered by Typeform. 0 of 5 answered.

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Chercher les emplois correspondant à Bitcointalk signature bounty ou embaucher sur le plus grand marché de freelance au monde avec plus de 19 millions d'emplois. L'inscription et faire des offres sont gratuits Energi Nexus - Welcome. MyEnergiWallet. Create a wallet, access your wallet, and send/receive your NRG. Alerts. Subscribe and receive balance change alerts directly to your email. Masternodes. Setup a masternode to earn NRG for validating transactions. Staking The Cook platform functions like a First Class meal where you get to pick from a selection of only the top DeFi strategies. A simple and sleek interface to help anyone navigate through the complex DeFi landscape. Share gas fees with other guests to lower high transaction costs. Get access to a variety of index based and actively managed funds Bounty Bitcointalk. Ketika saya sedang chatting dengan teman saya, saya di beri tahu tentang bounty dari Bitcointalk. Saya sendiri awalnya sangat antusias dan juga tidak menaruh harapan besar pada bisnis ini. Karena hukum alam, bahwa di dunia bisnis online, jika kamu tidak memiliki modal besar, maka kamu tidak akan bisa mendapatkan profit besar. Tetapi ada saja waktu yang membuat ku selalu.

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Caviar bitcointalk bounty. Bitcoin Press Release Crypto Innovator Joins Caviar Team of Global Advisors, Caviar Pre-Sale Runs until December 7th, Goal to Raise $25 Million. 4 December 2017, The Cayman Islands - The Caviar team, who successfully launched their pre-sale December 1 with a pioneering approach to create a dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum. Bitcointalk Altcoin Bounty, teilprojekt 3: entstehung und entwicklung innovativer nischen, next put optionen für dummies erklärt, 1 maxblue broker vergleic If you select Asian Fall, you will win the Bitcointalk Altcoin Bounty payout if Bitcointalk Altcoin Bounty the last tick is lower than the average of the ticks. If the last tick is equal to the average of the ticks, you don't win the Bitcointalk Altcoin Bounty payout. Please be noted that all information provided by ThatSucks.com are based on our experience and do not mean to offend or.


  1. CHERR.IO BOUNTY STARTS TODAY Bitcointalk BOUNTY will start today on 12/03/2018 at 8:00PM (GMT+1) and will last 3 weeks or until all tokens have been reserved. — 1,000,000 CHR tokens reserved for..
  2. Smart valley bounty bitcointalk. Was built using an open source software package called Simple Machine Forum or SMF. The forum's design and functionality have barely changed from the day it was first published. The structure of the forum shows the division of different forums such as Bitcoin, Economy, Other, Alternate Cryptocurrencies, and Local. Smart valley bounty bitcointalk. You can do.
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